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Metalworking Professions: "Ironkill"

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  • Metalworking Professions: "Ironkill"

    Got a tough one for you guys. My sister was doing some genealogy research and found out that our great great grandfather was a riveter and "ironkill" making train car wheels. I know I have heard the term somewhere but I can't find it now. Can anyone shed any light on this?


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    I know that molten steel that had been made by the bessimer process had to be "killed" as it was full of dissilved gas, they used coal dust to acheive that along with beechwood blocks they called rabble blocks, they were thrown into the ladle, even modern steels are dominantly AK or aluminium killed to this day, generally aluminium was added, silicon was handy as was manganese, calcium, titanium and others were found to be good deoxidants to kill steel
    Making sound castings requires the iron to be killed or degassed
    It may well be that the production of rivets required the iron to be killed, over here they called each cast of iron a heat, those that had not been killed were called "open heats"
    I suspect that it was an iron founding job myself
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