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  • Face plates

    Besides Ebay, where can you get a faceplate for a SB9?

    If not, then I was thinking of the 1 1/2 x 8 chuck adapter that littlemachineshop has and facing it off and bolting on a round disk of aluminum to it. Drilling/boring out a center hole also. Just a thought, and what are your thoughts on it.

    I am not ready to tackle threading as one of the first projects.

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    KBC Tools, Catalog page 431 lists several with that thread.

    800 521-1740
    800 322-4292 fax

    All the usual disclaimers.

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    Paul A.

    Make it fit.
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      I would make one. If you don't want to try threading then using a chuck back plate with an aluminum disk bolted to it is definitely a viable option. Use at least 1/2" thick plate. Buying a new one from KBC is really expensive and I can't find one there anyway that fits the SB9 spindle, only back plates.
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        I just got one this week from Metal Lathe Accessories. The phone is 814-234-3543.
        This is just the casting , so it have to
        be theaded and faced.



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          Littlemachineshop has a 4 incher for $18.00. I think this should be enough to hold a 8 inch faceplate and it has the three holes for bolting it down already.

          I believe the 6 inch to be too close to the 8 inch that we need.

          Yes, I was planning on about 3/4 or 1 inch especially 1 inch or maybe more if aluminum. That way if it needed 'facing' again, we wouldn't be too thin.

          Haven't checked, but 8 sided plate should turn an 8 inch diameter, Then take light interupted cuts till it is round. Counter sink the middle to fit that flange on the backplate for 'fit'. Will get the backplate and cut a 'cardboard' 'checker-out, er chicken out' first. Would hate to hit the ways. hehehe. Could also, make it 16 sided, and that for sure would turn!! Or grind it down. 7 plus inches is what I aim for.. as close as possible to 8.

          First thing is get the lathe running. It is 'sitting' where we unloaded it awhile back. Needs a 'home'/bench built and electricity ran to it where it will be, Oh, and some lighting there also...might help!!



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            See MLA at

            Or chuck backplates from places like MSC or Travers
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              Thanks Randy, but right now, we are totally novice and simple turning has to be 'learned' before we tackle change gears and threading.

              Again thanks.


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                That should work. I assume you don't have a bandsaw to cut the aluminum blank close to round size. 3/4" should be plenty thick. Mount it using countersunk socket head bolts and set them well below the surface of the plate so you don't run into them with the tool. Consider that sort of faceplate semi-expendable.
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