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    Because I was in need of a 5/16th collet and didn't want to drive($2.10 a gallon)to the mill supply house I ordered a collet holder and collets from Harbor Freight.(did I mention I'm cheap) They advertised the holder in R8 for $26.00US and a set of four collets also for $26.00 US. What do I have to lose but 52 bucks, right?
    I was pleasntly suprised when it arrived and the finish inside and out looked first class. The threads on the nut were smooth as silk. The collets OD all miked out the same and the bores all looked like they were either ground or honed.
    On the mill the holder had no descernable runout with my .001 'last word' indicator the end mill I chucked up had .001 runout.Plenty good enough for us home types.

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    I accept HF for what it is, an import house that has o.k. to good equipment and tools. I do find that their waranty and customer service to be better than expected. Some times the customer service is better than the tools.