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  • Who does this ?

    I deeply apologise if im posting in the wrong area...
    I am looking for some metal workers that would be interested in creating unusual objects in runs of a dozen or so. What do I mean by unusual...? Well I guess gadgets, widgets, whatever would spring to mind. Things you see in movies, things that are unusual. Vague, yes I am, but its only because I have no idea of the talent in this area. I am a graphic artist/webdesighner and I create sites that stay away from the norm. I hope there are some here that are the same.
    Thanks for your time... (Its a little weird coming to a forum that I have no expertise about)

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    I imagine quite a few people might be intrigued by something like this; I think a lot of machinists like oddball mechanical things, and building something out of the ordinary is often interesting.

    You may be surprised how much somebody would want to charge, however. One-off or short run work takes design and setup time that can't be amortized over a lot of pieces. Designs that are "vague" have to be made un-vague. If you can go to somebody with a clear set of drawings and say, "build this," that's one thing. If you go with a sketch and an idea and say, "build this," that's something else entirely.

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      I do prototype and shot run prodution. I have a complete convetional shop and 30 years as a millwright and machinist with papers for both. email [email protected]


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        I am interested....When it comes to machining, I think i may be speaking for a lot of machinist by saying that machining something "different" is a lot of fun....

        When you machine a threaded shaft for an is fun...but when you do a lot of threaded shafts, it gets boring, and you want to do something I bet a lot of people on this board would love to help you out....

        Im personally really busy, but I would love to help when I get some free time...but if your impatient, then try someone else who could dedicated themselves to you.....

        If you want to e mail me with drawings or whatever, go ahead [email protected]



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          I don't quite see the connection between widgets and web site design. Do you want these things for a web site graphic? "Making" them in a 3d CAD program might be a better idea if that's the case. Making mechanical gadgets etc. is very time consuming and the end result is often not very photogenic.


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            Im just getting the site up and running... Ive had someone make some samples which ive posted on the website, but for some reason, he has disappeared... the site is about 30% complete and there is no contact details up yet.

            I can be contacted here... [email protected]

            This site started out from time spent searching the net for those weird things... I found it hard to get anything... so i thought there may be others out there wanting the same as me...

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              Ooooops... im making this thread longer...

              On the subject of the web/metal work... Its not for 3D design... The website is a platform for artists of all calibres and crafts to submit work for others to purchase. For example... i personally would love a lightsabre (metal) sitting on my office desk, or maybe some ancient looking gadget that is weathered etc.... Its for corporates and people into that sort of stuff. I guess its a niche market, but having a central place to exhibit and sell this sort of stuff would be beneficial to all. As for what to make... Well thats up to the individual... what i may like, other may not and so forth. Just to have something like this would be an asset on the net. You never know, for some, a hobby may turn into a career... In case you are wondering... webdesign, graphics are my hobby...


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                Have you ever heard of the KISS principle. That web site of yours crashed my browser.

                I know you gave some kind of excuse, get a new computer you said.

                Some people out in the sticks still have dial up service. I wish people would quit putting all the bells and whistles on their web sites.

                I will not run Java, and forget IE. I love my Netscape 3.0 , Opera almost as fast.

                HTML forever


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                  I gotta say sorry a bit, opera displayed site just fine, and I do have a big monitor, no problem with that.

                  I still like the KISS deal though, keep it simple stupid, I remind myself of that once in a while.

                  It did crash Netscape 3.0 though, I don't have much problems with this old browser, I got 6.0 I hate it, I need to uninstall it, it's just taking up room on hard drive.

                  I do knives, but I'm really not into the fantasy stuff. I'll keep an eye on your site, see what other kind of stuff you are selling.


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                    There is no fancy stuff on the site... such as flash etc... I do use quite a few tables though. Other than that, its a simple site. But I have to keep in mind the idea of it being a commercial site that needs pizzaz... And if people can afford new pc systems, im sure they can afford the stuff that i sell which in turn will help the artists etc. I am in the sticks and have to rely on an old antiquated telephone system and I do ran a 56 k modem...Yeah, I was a netscape man until it became a hassle. I hated IE but after a few upgrades it became the tool of choice...
                    Do you have some pics of your knives I can take a peek at?


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                      [email protected]


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                        I've got a few here at house, I have this new cheap digital camera. It works good for shop pictures up close, can stop a chuck with it's flash, neat, I haven't tried any knife pictures yet. Digital cameras sure work good for things like this, good florescent light is all you need, they take good gun pictures also.

                        I've had some bad experiences trying to sell knives on consignment before, friend here in town also makes knives, he leans towards the artsy fantasy stuff. We both had knives on consignment in Branson, fellow went out of business, this friend of mine got our knives back after kicking the mans door down on his house. Good thing this friend of mine has mellowed out, few years back he would have kicked something else also.

                        Still don't know why your site crashed netscape. Time to do some maintenence I reckon, crashed while ago also, lots of windows open though.

                        I'll keep you in mind, doing some major housing and domestic adjustments in near future, I'll be busy. This friend of mine might be interested, don't cheat him, he kicks down doors. I'll probably see him later today, I'll mention it.


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                          Hey Halfnut...
                          Its the same old story... One person ruins it for the rest of us. The way it works is that you cost it all including the shipping to the furtherest distance on the planet. Once a item is sold, you would get the payment and ship it out. It is the only way I could see that would put the trust factor on you, not me. Keep in mind that the items are unique and that its your work. Dont devalue yourself. I find a lot of people do that, because they find what they do "easy" and cannot justify the cost. Whatever you think you should charge... DOUBLE IT then add a bit more. Somebody somewhere will want it. Its unique, whatever and should hold a price that reflects that.

                          Here is a link I have created that will give you a brief rundown on what is involved.

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                            Deepest apologies...
                            We experienced server problems, but we have resolved ALL the problems.....

                            Here is a link I have created that will give you a brief rundown on what is involved.