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1 1/2-8 Spindle tap

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  • 1 1/2-8 Spindle tap

    Do any of you guys living in the states have a 1 1/2-8 spindle tap that you would be willing to use to clean out the threads on a home made drive plate for my 9" South Bend, I made this plate to fit another lathe spindle and sort of re-inherited it, well there must have been a slight difference in the friend of mines spindle and mine as it would spin all the way up on his fine but will not run but about 90% of the way up on mine. Chasing the threads on this is not an option at this point as I am unable to see in there far enough to line up on the threads as my friend wanted the first and last threads bored out for a specific purpose. I will pay shipping too and from if any one is willing to do this for a few bucks, the drive plate is made of (Knack 55) it is tough but taps pretty well especially for no more than would need to be removed.
    If so you can contact me offline or thru the board.

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    If yo do not get any takers on your problem, as a last resort you can take a 1 X 8 tap and use it as a hand scraper. A large capacity drill chuck on teh tap gives you leversage and control. Chuck your backing plate, use backgear for slow speed and run the tap in by hand. You will not take off any great amount, on each pass, but at the same time you probably don't need to remove much. John


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      I have a Logan lathe with 1 1/2-8. With it came a SouthBend 8" faceplate. The faceplate did not *quite* fit, as their standards must have been a little different, others have commented on that also. Obviously it was "thrown in" and not used by the P.O. (who must have been a moron, but never mind that)

      Anyhow, what I did was blue up the spindle (I could reach and see it), and screwed on the plate. Looking at the spindle marks I guesstimated where it was tight, and scraped the plate threads with a threading tool held in a boring bar, by hand.

      It worked, I got it to thread on and bottom properly after a bit. I got wise after a while and stuck in a center, and put match marks on the center and plate so I could tell where it corresponded.

      I said "blued up" the spindle. Actually I used a "Marks a Lot" pen. Nice and handy, and less mess for that sort of job. Only problem is the ink actually has thickness, you have to clean it off every 3rd time or so.
      Hi Spot blue is a mess. I still have blue paw prints where the (now deceased) shop cat printed blue all over the shop and lab.

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        Hi!, Yup, I've got a tap I've used for this very purpose. If you want to send me the faceplate I'd be glad to run the tap through it for you. I had two taps, but gave one o a board member who is building a lathe from scratch!


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          Another thought, make a 1-1/5"-8 spud as close to your spindle size as possible, use the three wire method for measuring, then use that spud to lap the threads in the drive plate with a very fine lapping compound. Of course make sure you clean all compound from the drive plate before fitting on your lathe.

          Paul G.
          Paul G.


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            hms50: sent you an email, if you can send your address back thru the email in my profile or respond to the other one if you got it I will send the driveplate to you in the next few days.
            Your help will be greatly appreciated!!