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_ GMT (Glacern) vise packaging/shipment - nice job (pics).

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  • _ GMT (Glacern) vise packaging/shipment - nice job (pics).

    Just bought a 6" Standard vise (+70 pounds) from GMT and was impressed with the packaging job they did.
    Very happy with the job they did, vise was not sliding around, you could "shake" (as much as you can move a 70 pound + box around) the main shipping box and nothing inside was moving.
    Item shipped UPS ground and heres acouple pictures.

    Just wanted to post this in case someone is searching for info, received 5/22/2014.

    Top scale "starts" at 10", side/vertical scale is a 12" scale.

    Foam is around 2-1/2" thick.

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      Very good to hear some positive things!!


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        My new 6" Kurt 688 came in similar packing a couple of months ago. One thing I've wondered about is how my coolant is somehow flowing beyond the vise on the mill operator side. I can't see how it is getting beyond the table and ending up running down on the floor. hmmm......

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          Looks like a nice Vice, If I owned Glacern I would be spewing that they had the carton upside down. It just casts the impression if they cant get the simple stuff riht how can thy do the tricky stuff
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            Mounted up the vise today and used it for a bit, so far its nice.

            When i got my basement mill (IH) the slots in the table where off (three slots at different widths, none where .625, all small) so i milled them all to .625 (so i know they are all square and parallel to the head). The keys which came with the vise where .687, so i milled them down to .620
            After installing them and plopping the vise on the table, i pushed it back, tightened the bolts and it was with-in a half-thou (.0005) across the six inch span... pretty happy with that... alittle tap here and there and it was right on the money.

            It came with a longer "chip guard", not sure how much im gonna like that - wish it had a fix guard along with a movable one (pretty sure thats how the newer Kurts are), gonna have to fiddle alittle and see if something can be worked out.

            So far, with little time on it, its pretty nice.

            ~ What was once an Opinion, became a Fact, to be later proven Wrong ~


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              Yow Ling, it's the right way up for me here in UK. It must be something to do with you being situated at the bottom of the world.


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                That's some mighty fine looking cardboard and foam you got there. Would have been nice to see a couple of shots of the vise fully unpacked in all its glory.
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