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Need spec for indexable tool holder

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  • Need spec for indexable tool holder

    I was gifted with 2 packs of Sandvic Coromant inserts. Thegifter swears they work miracles on hard steel. I did not get the tool holderor clamp for these inserts. The inserts are marked SNGN 12 04, 16ESNG 434A, and620.
    I have researched these inserts and found lots of info onmetals they will work on, speeds and feeds, but cannot find an insert holderfor them.
    Can someone with knowledge of these inserts please explainhow to find the insert holder and clams for these inserts? If I can get theproper clamps and spec for the tool holder, I think it’s within my capabilitiesto make the tool holder.I have pics of the package here:


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    Hi Chuck,

    I'm only a little further up the learning curve than you so I don't think my advice on specific toolholders would be completely reliable. On the other hand I do know how to find out and better yet you can learn how to interpret the ANSI designation for yourself.

    Search on the terms "lathe tool holder nomenclature" and the first link that pops up is this one to Carbide Depot

    If I read that chart correctly you need a CSxLRy4z
    C=Clamp lock only
    S=Square insert
    x=tool holder style - you choose
    L=Insert relief of 0 degrees (not completely sure about this one)
    R=Right hand (Is the best for turning toward the headstock)
    y=shank size - you choose
    4=Insert IC size (4=1/2")
    z=length - you choose


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        I don't know what info you found about metals they work on but K01 is the target = cast iron.
        Sandvik lists 620 as:
        CC620 (CA) – K01 (K01 — K05)
        "Pure" Al2O3-based ceramic. Recommended for high speed finishing of grey cast irons under stable and dry conditions.

        These are ceramic insert of negative form. Negative inserts normally mean you need horsepower.
        If he said hard steels maybe he was thinking of hardened like Rockwell C 55-63.
        Because there they do not have a hole the only choice is they are held by a clamp and most likely have a carbide shim seat under them.
        You are better off trying to make a holder for a negative insert using a cantilevered wedge held by a screw.
        Look at TPG indexable toolholders for ideas.
        I don't think you will find the performance as great as you had hoped.


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          mc_n_g, thanks for the input. The gifter was going to make me a holder, but he's been sidetracked by other projects. Guess I'll wait on him...
          Thanks to all that replied.