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Alternative Responce to the "Versus Thing".

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  • Alternative Responce to the "Versus Thing".

    Instead of interfearing with others' threads I think I should quallify my viewpoints
    by providing some background here.

    I might point out that in the posessive sence, my viewpoints are more like 'battons'
    in a relay race. They were handed to me by my Father and two Grandpas
    before I ever entered the work-force. They were handed to me by other Men
    I looked up to, almost revered, because I was so overcome by what they could do.

    And to me, that is by far the most important measure of a mechanic or a metalworker
    or an engineer, or a Boss! Infact it's about the only measure I use besides whether
    one of these is honest or not. Cardholder? Degreed? American? Certified?
    Well spoken of? Has dependency issues? on and on and on.
    What he can do, period. Well no, also how does he mesh into the dynamic
    of the crew around him.

    ViewPoint #1
    Existencial recognition. "It's what it is" not what I / You / They wish it was,
    or what I / You / They are invested in hoping it would be.

    ViewPoint #2
    I'm open to reaching a point where I might find that ViewPoint #1 ,
    might not actually be quite so solid now that more, or a different light
    has shined on it, or I've been show it from a better advantage point.

    ViewPoint #3
    There exists an unseen dynamic among mankind, or the Easterners call it conflict or something,
    that is never solved. To a point it provides ballance, but beyond that point creates drag, or impedance.
    The airfoil thing "lift" +pressure under, or -pressure over the wing. Does the change in airspeed
    create the pressure difference, or does the pressure difference create the change in airspeed?

    Metalworking has hundreds of these that will never be solved. . . . SO!
    What does this mean? It's simple once you see it. The VALUE ADDED to steal one of those
    discusting new-age terms is: The question is where the Gold is, not the answer.
    I was taught to be in a fluid state of questioning, linking the answers and the unanswers
    together forming more questions. Naturally we work and get things done at the same time.
    But failing to acknowledge the questions means they'll be there to be answered
    once your work comes up short, or fails alltogether, or your machine has a much
    shorter usefull life span, or you retire with less of your anatomy still attached.

    ViewPoint #4
    Pull is nearly allways better than push. A true Leader pulls, and by nature we are advanced.
    Pulling reduces or absorbes or dissapates consrictive interferences and vibrations.
    Pushing amplifies and compounds the effects of same. Pulling promotes movement
    in staight lines despite obsticles. Pushing promotes change of direction when encoutering obsticles.
    See a pattern here yet?

    ViewPoint #5
    Very often a smaller hammer is what you need, when popular oppinion would be the opposite.
    And of course visa versa, my stamps and transfer punches are gorgeous decades later.
    From using a heavy hammer moving slower, the force deforms the work not the end of the tool.
    A vary fast blow of a very light hammer sends a shock-wave to the place where
    trouble has decided it won't let go. The disturbance upsets the bond and trouble flees.

    ViewPoint #6
    "The count", the number defining the coordinates, the amount of feed per rev or per minute,
    defining the temporature when a quench should occure, the bend allowance for a given gage
    on a brakepress, the surface feet per minute. The number is a name for a value or a ratio
    or a placement relative to a thing. One who has a love of numbers, do us all a favor
    and become an accountant or an auditor, and stay out of the way.

    The metal and the tooling and the machinery have a laguage that we can learn.
    We can harmonise or sincronise with our metalic friends, comunicating in this language.
    We realy only need the numbers to give definition to the dynamic for transfer or storage.

    ViewPoint #7
    Remove the numbers to this point. And keep going till yer back to the beginning. . .
    If you can ever tell when you are back to the beginning.

    Anyone want a 'Batton' ?
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    Did you get into the wine again ? :>
    John Titor, when are you.


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      I think you meant to post that in the "Noise and chatter" thread.
      If not then my post is over your head. I'm not kidding around.

      I can kid around, but not over this topic.


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        Yes, truly alternative Would you mind to give the same time and dedication that you put in to this opening to point out some issues/problems/wrong-doings in those "other threads" (I assume we are talking about the grinding topics), as you seem to know but remind of my co-worker who speaks much but doesn't provide any backing to the stories. I'm not implying you are such as he is, because we can aall learn much more than we now know
        Amount of experience is in direct proportion to the value of broken equipment.


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          Originally posted by Old Hat View Post
          I think you meant to post that in the "Noise and chatter" thread.
          If not then my post is over your head. I'm not kidding around.

          I can kid around, but not over this topic.
          umm .. Ok Ok .. I did just feel it skim the top of my head.

          No offense because It seems that you were realllllly intent on making a point
          and for the life of me, I don't know what it is.

          Maybe "I" shouldn't have had that wine.

          Mike A
          John Titor, when are you.


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            The term mental masturbation comes to mind! What makes you think any of us are interested in your viewpoint. (note no question mark)

            I'm with Jakko on this. All though it is wonderful that you have so much respect for your father and his father it is totally irrelevant in context here. I didn't read any further than that in the OP.
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              Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
              ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~


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                Well we have philosophy, mine and yours, yours is yours, zen, bernaullis theroem and a few other things all intertwined, perhaps a more simple approach to making your point would be in order?


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                  Bigger hammer!


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                    When you post something wooly, and expect people to read between the lines to derive the conclusion, its often the case they use their own lines, and arrive at their own conclusions.
                    Its easier to just spit it out, cleaner, causes less confusion, and doesn't involve some bystander to some spat getting the wrong idea about what is trying to be achieved.


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                      I'm not sure whether the OP here (a new member)

                      a) is suggesting an attitude

                      b) is trying to FORCE an attitude by a "you should think like this or leave" post

                      c) is trying to re-phrase the ten commandments

                      d) did in fact get into the wine (possibly at the same time as watching an old Bogart movie)

                      e) has forgotten that this is not PM and so has hobbyists of widely varying interest and talents


                      Keep eye on ball.
                      Hashim Khan


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                        Here is what I got using my best filter.

                        In working with metals and people;

                        Is he/she honest?

                        Does he/she understand the situation?

                        Does he/she know what is 'good enough' is?

                        Beyond that.....


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                          I miss Airsmith 282 least his rants had aliens.



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                            Nothing original yet?
                            Zen. . . kinda I spose.
                            This is just as much fun as politics.
                            Loads of folks wanting others to find their answers for them.
                            Should have expected that I guess.
                            I'll steal another line from the Progressives then.

                            "If only one person got something out of my effort then it was all worth it!"
                            Wow it works . . . I feel real good now.

                            Yer in good hands now, maybe miss Airsmith will return.


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                              Perhaps the message to be gained here is to beware of anyone who's screen name is Old (something). Are we soon to be treated to colored pencil sketches, posed photos of unused tooling and lectures on binning?

                              Just sayin'.
                              Jim H.