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Help Identify Mini Lathe - Emco?

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  • Help Identify Mini Lathe - Emco?

    If anyone has any information on this Lathe, I would be happy to hear it.

    I haven't turned it on yet-- very new to machining, but something I have wanted to get into for a very long time.

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    From the looks of things, a Prazi SD 300.

    Welcome to a great hobby/vocation/addiction.

    Just a friendly note:you should put your geographic location in your profile. There might a a forum member near you.


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      I believe you are correct! Thanks for the help there.

      If anyone happens to have a PDF of the manual in English, that would be most appreciated.

      Also, if someone could tell me what the controls do so I don't break anything trying to figure it out, that would be very helpful.

      I am in southern California, Orange County to be exact, if there is anyone local who might be willing to show me the ropes on this thing...


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        I don't have the manual, but from what I see...

        DIAL 0 and 1 are off and on. The dial next to it is forward and reverse. The lever to the left will spin the long screw ( lead screw) along the bottom, moving the carriage. It appears the lead screw is activated when the lever is pushed to the left.

        There are 2 belts and 3 pulleys on the left of the machine that determine the speed. Available speeds are 300, 600, 1200 and 2400 RPM.

        The chart on the front of the headstock tells you what belts set which speed, and which gears set which threads.

        Search for Prazi MD65 as well as SD300 to find youtube videos and discussion groups for it. There is also a Yahoo groups forum for it that might have the manual.

        Good luck.

        At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

        Location: SF East Bay.


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          Good call! I have the one with the mill & they're not bad machines.


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            The writing to the left of the switches "Schalter bis Anschlag drehen" is german. Google translates it to "Turn switch to stop".
            Location: Long Island, N.Y.


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              Originally posted by RichR View Post
              The writing to the left of the switches "Schalter bis Anschlag drehen" is german. Google translates it to "Turn switch to stop".
              Not quite. It's "turn switch until it stops" (i.e. "turn it to the end of its travel"... rather than "turn switch to halt operations").

              The entry on Tony's site might be of interest:


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                Euph0ny is correct!
                "turn it to the end of its travel". Anschlag is a mechanical Stop, so turn till it hits its mechanical stop.


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                  Looks like it shared the same designer as the emco compact 8


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                    Originally posted by h12721 View Post
                    Euph0ny is correct!
                    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day... :-)


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                      Owners manual is on the Yahoo Prazi Group files