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moving my lathe mill etc

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  • moving my lathe mill etc

    I am just starting work on my shop (machine shop) under my carport I will need to move the machinery which is at present at the front of my carport up to the back when I make a platform for them.
    I told you before but in case you forget my current floor of the carport slopes very badly about sixteen inches from front to back so I will make a flat platform to stand the machinery on at the rear while I work on the rest.
    I have a lathe and a milling machine one is a ton and a quarter and the mill is about half a ton I figure moving the milling machine should not be too bad but it may be top heavy so I will need to take care I need to move them about ten feet and raise them when done so about four inches onto the back platform any ideas as I am alone might get a little help if I am pushed.any ideas as I don't want to kill myself or anyone else. Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Alistair - remember the pyramids! Slow and easy is how they (the bosses) did it.



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      HH is correct. When you are ready to move the machinery crib it up and attach a cable and com-a-long between it and a good stationary object like a truck. Place pipes for rollers under it and let it roll easily and slowly toward it's final destination using the come-a-long to let cable out slowly. When home crib it up more and place ramps, slats etc. under it and let more slack out. Heavy machinery must be moved slowly and deliberately. When set the machinery should be hard shimed and leveled to preform well. On level ground machinery can be moved easily by using pipes alone leap-frogging them but if any incline is involved at all then you must be prepaired to control the movement. Good Luck, Joe


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        Tip; Make sure you sweep the floor real well.