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If It wasn't for bad luck.....

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  • If It wasn't for bad luck.....

    Last Thursday I was taking mt Corolla into to have it serviced at the dealership. I went and looked at trucks while I was there. This one salesman had a really nice 3 year old trade in. It was the big V-8 extended cab and well equipment version. I really don't need all of that for what I do. The milage was alittle on the high side, 140,000 miles on the odometer. It handles more like a car and all of that.

    When I was I was done test driving it, I didn't realize how high this was above the ground, I put my foot down and it was a drop. I didn't think much of that, except that I had a bruise formimg on my ankle. So I went home and watched the bruise getting bigger, so I went to the ER. It wasn't broken, the doctor said that this comes with sudden impacts on the feet.

    So my foot is wraped in an ace bandage, I have an air cast on, lost of good pain meds.

    The salesman called me up concerning buying the truck, I told him that I was that interested, he tried to sell me again on it. I told him that I injured my ankle, most likely getting out of that truck. He relied, we can solve that, you can buy running boards and the dealership can install them.

    So I am not dealing that guy again. My ankle still hurts, This is after cracking my shin a couple of weeks ago.


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    Sorry about your leg,

    You telling me? I got the new program downloaded onto a virgin windows drive. A very expensive program you pay for each install. Rutex. com has a checkout program with a virus-spybot. It rewrote my registry on the disc. Corrupted Explorer.
    Reading the manual on MAch2 it says spyware can crash the program. (I'm on a home network)

    I am pulling the plug on the internet on all my "Windows-working" machines.. that is it.

    I am going to run internet on Knoppix from now on. NO more windows on the net. Hard to corrupt or write to a computer without a hard drive, it is a cdrom OS..

    The way I feel, I'd trade you for a busted ankle. Not sure what all is broken here.
    No pain pills needed, just tranq's..

    Going to go do some mindless sanding. We got 3 bikes to paint.