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  • OT but worth reading.

    Scary stuff going on.
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    Ever heard that "good one" about how:

    "If you haven't done anything wrong, you have no reason to worry"

    Yeah, right.

    And that link is just about the "system" messing up unintentionally.

    If you tick off the local sheriff, he might just link you up to some wanted criminal's record.

    Or, that dumb functionary at the national health that you cussed at may decide you should be filed as "deceased", or incurably ill, etc. Then potential employers, banks etc, (who will find a way to get the info) won't really want to deal with you.............

    If its hard to fix when it is unintentional, think of how hard it will be when someone with the power WANTS to mess you up.

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    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan


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      Not only scary but only a small part of the high tech crap being bought by homeland security to make us "safe".

      There's a giant, Ross Perot style "sucking sound" as our tax dollars go to high tech junk which in the final analysis, lends very little to our security.



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        Funny thing is if a person really is a registered sex offender you often can't find this out,but if somebody steals your credit card you have hell trying to get your life back,but it is that way on purpose,soon we will hear that the only sure way to identify people is with DNA id tags,big brother cometh,and he cometh from the left and behind.

        Ever notice how after 9/11 all congressional democrats complained that Bush wanted to make the US "fortress America" and that only National Id CARDS for everyone would work,sounds fishy.

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          Well, it's not entirely off topic:

          "...(Benson has only nine fingertips, for starters),..."

          Seems that Benson is a fellow machinist


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            A call to a friend who recommended me as a "good person" from the Sheriff who was about to refuse to sign my application for several class III items due to the fact that I had a rap sheet in Miami brought this one too close to home. Seems somebody down there has my same name. After getting my S/S number involved, we got the thing straightened out. Just think if he hadn't made that call, I would have been refused and never would have known why.
            Technology is great, but it does have serious drawbacks.
            David from jax (which brings up another problem with my identities, which I found doing a search of the internet)
            A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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              I am concerned that just incidents as you have experienced are going to get more common place. there will arise such a massive concern about the innocent verses the convict that some buearucrat will just throw up his hands and by regulation or by law just stop all gun transfers. (Or atleast all legal transfers anyway).

              They are going to use the arguement that some many convicted felons are trying to buy guns that it is necassary to stop all private ownership. They are going to have the "proof" too. Of course it is all totaly false and completely erroneous, but since when did the truth actualy matter to an anitgunner?


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                Didn't you fellows read
                "The Oxbow Incident"
                when you were in school ?

                It happened a hundred years ago, and will never stop.
                I have been a victum of identity theft, and mine had nothing to do with the government..
                just your good old internet and some unscrupulous employees at a store I seldom buy at.

                I pitty the problems Benson had, but a curious thing about this..
                I have never heard of a person being finger printed due to a minor moving violation ???

                Me thinks there is more than meets the eye here !


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                  To the best of my knowledge in the US in all states anyone who is arrested is fingerprinted. Benson was arrested for an outstanding traffic warrant. Nothing fishy about that.
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                    Under the Clinton crime bill if you recieve a ticket in your home or other state and you don't pay that ticket and get pulled over by a cop in another state when the run your (now federaly recognized)licensce number through the NCIS computer the ticket will show and you will be hualed off to jail and held under a fellony until you pay up and make restitution to the arresting deptment.Your driving and other records now and have for several years follow you around,plus it was expanded to include Canada,Mexico and most of the EU before Clinton left office.

                    So your saying"well I'll just pay my tickets and everything will be fine right?"Well not nessicarily,a friend of mine who drives truck got a parking ticket in his car in New Orleans,he paid the ticket,but the clerk of court stole the money and didn't register the ticket as being paid.Several years later,3 I think it was he was pulled over in his semi at a random check point in New York,they ran his licesence number and the ticket showed to be unpaid,they impounded his truck and trailer,threw him in jail and held him for three days before his wife flew up and bailed him out all for a $95.00 ticket that he PAID!
                    It took three months for him to get the mess straightened out with both police departments,New Orleans he had to file suit and New York dropped when threatened with suit,he then had to go before a federal circut judge to get his prints removed from file.
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                      I am still wondering when I will hear of a person prosecuted for theft of his own identity....with the complainant actually being the person who *stole* his identity.

                      I think this will be seen within maybe 2 years, possibly 3.

                      It will be interesting to see what laws are sudddenly considered necessary then.

                      Keep eye on ball.
                      Hashim Khan


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                        Wierdscience - Currently, only Commercial Driver's Licenses are "Nationalized". This HAD to be done because truck drivers would loose their license in one state and go get another in a neighboring state. Sometimes getting several from many different states.

                        I have great admiration for the professional drivers; However, I've also seen some that shouldn't be allowed on the road.


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                          Ken if your DL has a bar code,mag strip or hologram on it,it will run through the computer,CDL or not.
                          I just need one more tool,just one!


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                            As a Network Administrator and a Database Administrator I have a certain insight into this problem. Technically our equipment could easily track every aspect of every moment of every human being on the planet. This is NOT something that will benefit humanity in the long run. If you think that the people you agree with, and you identify with, will always be the ones in power then you might like it. But imagine a slight shift where the people you don't agree with, and don't identify with, having power over every aspect of your life and your family's life and you might be more careful about this.

                            All of the common data sets are flawed in simple and innocuous ways. This is because the data was generated in systems that didn't "qualify" the data. Most if not all data sets have erroneous data. As a Database Administrator you see it because you take thousands or millions of records and try to test them and "normalize" them. It's kind of like in the Matrix movie where you examine streams of data and then try to query out the exceptions to rules that you write. It is not pretty and often you have to reform data to fit a model and "normalize" the data set. In phone numbers this would be to make all the phone numbers have or not have dashes between the area code. Or it might be to look for numbers in the name fields. This probably isn't a process that introduces very many errors because you are searching and trying to eliminate errors, but it does make Database Administrators aware of the data entry problems and the dyslexia problems in data sets. And the choices made in normalizing data could introduce errors. The Homeland Security "Matrix" plan is too ambitious for our time. Garbage in, Garbage out. Our FBI and CIA and INS cannot handle the volume of the information that they already have. There is no need for them to infuse more information into their system. Months before 9/11 they already had ALL OF THE INFORMATION THAT THEY NEEDED FROM ALL AGENCIES SCREAMING OUT AT THEM but they did not act on it FOR THEIR OWN REASONS.

                            I do some contract work for a small non-profit drug rehabilitation facility. I am an honest and a militant defender of privacy. I encrypt, and I firewall and I monitor password security and I try to design secure systems. I develop database systems for small businesses like this rehab. Currently the county is pushing a new "Browser Based" database called WITs. This will put all of this private information on a common database somewhere on the east coast. They are saying this is a secure and private repository. The promises of privacy are exaggerated in my opinion. In fact I would say they are lying. Once information crosses my local network firewall it is not private information.

                            Remember when Windows XP was sold as the MOST secure windows system EVER? I've been security patching hundreds of PC's for security breaches ever since.

                            Now think about trusting Diabold for your voting equipment. This after the Diabold president promised in public to DELIVER the election to BUSH. IT IS NOT RIGHT!

                            I hope this isn't too political. It is too important for me not to say something to you, my friends.

                            Sorry for raising your blood pressure.


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                              Wait, it gets worse...

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