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Roll pin vs key way

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  • Roll pin vs key way

    Hello folks, I need opinions on what would work for me. I'm welding up a damaged 1/4 key way on my zero turn mower's axle, and having someone do pass with a lathe on it when I'm done, 1 inch dia. axle . I don't think this guy is comfortable putting a new key way in the axle, so I'm wondering if maybe one or two 3/16 roll pins thru the center of the hub/axle would be enough to hold the torque of the mower . I'd rather it be welded, but it would be a major problem if I ever decide to change seals or bearings down the road. Thanks for any input.

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    There's probably a pretty good reason it was keyed as designed. Find a way or somebody that can machine a keyway and do a proper job of it. It would help if you would post your location, maybe someone near can help.Bob.


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      Roll pins are horrible for shear. There are solid pins that at better and rated, but I'd stay with a keyway.


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        Another trick is to fill the roll pin with another smaller pin or a piece of steel adding to strength.
        mark costello-Low speed steel


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          Is the keyway that mates with the axle still good? If not it should be filled and recut as well. Or just make another keyway 180 degrees away.


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            Are you planning to weld up the existing keyway? if welding on one side only you may find distortion a problem, and is the shaft heat treated as the heat of welding may affect it also.

            I second Bruce Griffing's solution better than welding IMHO.