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horizontal hydraulic jack

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  • horizontal hydraulic jack

    When I complete my hydraulic coupling puller I am going to need a jack that will operate vertical and most important horizontal. It will spend more time pulling hubs and couplings from shafts that are horizontal than vertical. This puller will have an 80 ton capacity. I need for sure 50 tons and the balance is going to be for "in case". Is it possible to get a conventional pump type jack that will operate on its side? Or is there a slave unit that could be added. Possibly remove the pump section and operate it remotely??

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    Go to they have everything you need.
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      A 10ton porta power pump would be ideal,it will put out 10,000 psi and it has a hose for remote operation which also means you can really stand on it.
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        Most convential hydraulic jacks I have used will work fine on their side, as long as the pump is underneath.

        This week I went to a local machinery exhibition, there was a nice hydraulic puller on display. Made in Taiwan, but it "looked" to be well made.
        I have one of the old Sykes-Pickavent hydraulic pullers, they use grease and a screw, but are primitive and slow compared to this one.


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          Unfortunatly I cannot operate the jack if it is on its side. That portapower unit sounds good however. Just have to figure out how to adapt it to a pump jack.


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            Easy,take the ram out of the jack ,gundrill 3/16" hole all the way thru,tap the top for 1/8 npt dryseal,then cross drill and tap 1/4 ntp in the side of the ram as close to the end as possible.Hook up the porta power and leave the bottle jack valve closed.

            The other way is to go through from the bottom of the jack cylinder.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Thanks Wierd:
              I've never had a bottle jack apart but it sounds basic. If thats it well problem is solved. Bikenut, that is some site. Can't believe the prices. Not bad. Thanks