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  • Unusual Canadian Lathe

    Anyone familiar with these Mcdougall's? No idea what size it is, neither is the seller and he won't be available for a week.

    What would be a reasonable offer?

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    your link comes back to me as an may want to be careful about advertising what is for sale...just saying you may find it sold before you get a chance...I know you are wanting info, sort of a catch 22

    that one is one of the smaller ones, looks to be a good home shop size but with a slightly longer bed so that maybe of benefit...maker is one of the defunct ones from SW Ontario that survived in some form longer than quite a few others...good to very good quality, expect typical things of that vintage, slower speeds, smaller spindle bore, AFAIK gears and stuff are typical of the vintage as well, 14.5 pressure angle etc. IIRC there is one group of gears that is a DP which is harder to find but rest are all obtainable, YMMV from size to size of lathe so...that one is certainly not the oldest McD but not the newest either before they started associations (see link above for lineage)...later 40s maybe?

    Oh, have never heard anything about hardened beds...there are a couple of threads around here but IIRC from larger lathes (5Hp and 7Hp stuff, this is maybe 2Hp)

    Edit: if there is a taper attachment, price goes up A LOT...the other thing, on third look, it could be one of those lathes whose controls allow cross and axial power feeds at the same time. Not sure if chuck is screw on or one of the taper nose versions. $750 base, add $400 for taper if it is the seller could get $1500
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      Here is the link. It is a 12" gear head lathe. Unfortunately cannot see top speed other than it is 3digits max. Looks like a reasonable condition lathe from pictures.
      However you'll need to check it over to get an idea of exact condition. As to price that will probably depend on the availability of lathes in that area.
      Best of luck.


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        The McDougall company was quite big at one time. I believe they were bought out by?? at some date, possibly in the 50,s-60,s.
        Seems to me Tony's lathe site has info about this company if i remember correctly.
        I have a large "Fairbanks-Morse" catalog, (the Canadian division), and they sold McDougall equipment.
        The pics appear that this lathe could be in pretty decent shape.


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          Where I retired from has one, 36" x something like 20" between centers, a pre-WW2 model and still gets used a lot. It has a movable bed on top of the main bed with the cross slide and tailstock on that.
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            Mcdougall was restarted as a lathe manufacturer by VDF in the 60's.