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    How are stamps made? I have need to make a custom metal stamp. The total image is 1/4" wide by 3/8" tall. This is to be used for stamping the symbol into metal pieces with a hammer similar to marking various metal pieces in the shop material rack with identification numbers. Are commercial number stamps cut? If so, how are the precise ridges cut? Are they ground by hand with pencil grinders? If they are cut with a mill, (I don't have CNC) what kind of cutter is used? Seems like it would need to be something like a dental burr spinning at about 30,000RPM to work at all.

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    I'm not sure how they are made...but if you're looking to buy a custom stamp I recall this thread:


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      If you need to make a good metal stamp then you'd probably be better off using one of the comercially made ones. Actually numbers and letter punches were made by someone engraving the numbers and letters on a piece of tool steel. This was hardened and then tool steel squares were heated and stamped into the impressions. Then these were hardened and used to stamp mild steel. Man made engravings are hard to match. Machine made engravings are much easier. If you wish to have custom stamps made then you can do them yourself of contact an engraver. Most charge around $10 a letter/number I think. Good Luck! Joe


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        Thanks Joe. The consensus (of two) says I ought to have them made somewhere.