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  • Warning, computer related

    Serious vulnerabilities have been discovered in all Norton firewall products. If you depend on Norton update now!
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    Thank You!


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      I visited to comtemplate purchasing another couple of servo drives. was the registered system they use to gather information.

      When, I opened the machine up later it went to (not sure about spelling) since it had reset my homepage. running spyware-spybot denoted registry changes. It said it fixed them. I figure explorer has been corrupted. Starting Windows since it always goes to that homepage reguardless of where you toggle it in options. It is really slow too. Slower then dialup. I am on cable.

      I use this Windows machine for my new bobcad program. Any installs cost money for a license install code. It is a passcode that changes with each install.

      Not really happy. They got me again. This is twice in several months.

      I am tempted to just surf the net with my knoppix cd from now on. It'd have trouble corrupting a cdrom without a hard drive in the machine. I have removeable hard drives.



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        David, check the license file on Bobcad.

        When I bought V 17 I had the same problem.
        I wanted to move the program between two computers, home and shop but not have two working together.
        I was told I had to buy a second license at $$$

        If I had had one of he earlier dongles that they withdrew in favour of the unique password this wouldn't have been a problem.

        I was recounting this to a legal friend who was having a job done on his vintage car and he had a look at the license.
        They hadn't altered it from the previous dongle license and it stated.

        "You are allowed to run this software on any ONE computer that you own"

        Which was OK for a dongle version, but not a software license version.

        A phone call to Bobcad the following day soon made them choke.
        Isn't it nice when all those petty restrictions work in your favour ?

        Without disclosing just what went off I finished up with a copy that runs on ANY computer I own.

        Now I daresay they have changed this wording but just check sometimes one person doesn't know what the other one is doing.

        John S.

        P.S. Check your email

        Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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          I got hit by the same sort of crap site about 6 months ago.. Even sounds like the same sort of people. Took me the better part of 6 hours to figure out how to fix it. Virus Pgms, Spybot... nothing would do it.

          I set the file search to "time" when I accessed the source contaminated site. Then narrowed the time down after looking at search results. What I found was a script program - and lots of little clones - that changed my web defaults every time I re-started.

          Got rid of the script program. Changed my defaults back (program by program) & that corrected *most* of the problems.

          Such sites are a criminal intrusion on people's property. I called the "registration" company for the offending site - complained. They typically don't care about users, but this time they did. They actually were "aiding and abetting" a criminal action by supporting the DNS registration. I pointed out that a criminal complaint would include them, as well as the offending site, in a police complaint. Doing nothing about the offending site's registration would guarantee them a police complaint - and they could hire a lawyer to explain it to the grand jury.

          May be this helps....