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  • Fixed my chatter

    After a lot of head scratching, I finally fixed my chatter. I bought one of those new inexpensive quick change tool posts, and the cut off tool had a bad case of the "chatters". Upon examination, it seemed the bottom of the parting tool support wasn't making contact under the HSS cutoff tool. So I built it up with TIG, using ER70s2 rod. I then realized the tool holder was actually hardened steel, so I resorted to eyeball grinding and slowly ground down to fit using a 4.5 inch angle grinder with a cutoff wheel to get in tight enough. Turns out the tool now is held firmly and my "chatter" problem has been resolved.

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    Is that an Olympus 750 that you used on the photos ?
    Green Bay, WI


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      Do you mean the camera? I'm using a Canon Model A-70, about two years old.


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        Don't ya love it when a plan comes together.
        Well done.

        Paul G.
        Paul G.


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          Hmmmm, yeah you solved the problem.

          Unfortunately, clever as it was I have to be a little critical of your method.

          If buyers don't start returning these el cheapo items and demanding a refund when they don't perform the quality will never improve. The seller in this case probably doesn't know he's selling a faulty product. And how will he know if users keep fixing this kind of stuff?

          We all get some degree of satisfaction from doing these quick repairs, which in most cases are less trouble than the hassle of trying to return an item. But, again, if we don't return the faulty goods we'll have to live with continued low quality.

          Sorry to single you out for criticism.