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We needed some steel wheels, so I made them.

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  • We needed some steel wheels, so I made them.

    10" diameter, 3" wide, using 1/2" pipe for an axle
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    Looks like you're making a muller.

    More tools than sense.


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      There are absolutely no flies on you when it comes to welding...that's fer sure!



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        Bought a 16"(I think) south bend lathe with a gearbox from a young Mennonite gentleman who needed to go back to a change gear lathe. He had a very nice Case tractor in the barn on steel wheels. I asked why steel he said an elder required it. I asked who made them he said the elder that made the rule
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          Very nice piece of workmanship.


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            The welds are too strong.
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              What are they for?


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                Runout must be held to +/- .005


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                  With that much heat going into two diametrically opposite points, how did you keep it from becoming an oblong?


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                    "I asked who made them he said the elder that made the rule."

                    Nice to see that there's consistency among religious leaders, regardless of flavor.


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                      Almost as cool as a 1 spoke... but with a little more rigidity

                      Wincher,,, you are the best welder we have now --- Torker was the best but he no come here anymore...


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                        Thank you, that's quite a compliment.

                        The wheels are for the smoker if I decide to go that route. The thing is going to be quite heavy...probably around 400 pounds, so it needs some sturdy wheels for moving around on the concrete/bricks. I'm still concerned about how to deliver it. I may end up mounting it on a trailer with 8-inch wheels like I see on small concrete mixers.

                        I've never tried to make wheels before, so I just wanted to see if I could actually do it. Fortunately the pipe had one very nice machined end that I could use as a reference. I cut the pipe with the OA torch, and cleaned up the ends with the angle grinder and the 13" Cincinnatti Tray Top before putting in the spoke. Then it was back in the lathe to drill/bore the center hole. There was about 1/8" runout in the pipe itself, so I marked how it was clocked in the chuck so I could put it back in the same place after welding the smaller pipe into the spoke. Then it went back in the lathe to bore and drill the hole to final size. Nothing really hard about it, and I always enjoy using the Tray Top.
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                        Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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                          Me Too :>)

                          Last year I had to build some wheels and carriages to move two lathes... LS540 in - L5 out.Although the LS540 weighs in at 3Tons I built the wheels and axels to carry 12Tons.

                          I made them out of 9ins Diameter 2ins thick solid plate for the rear wheels and 1ins thick plate welded into 5/16 wall 6inch pipe.The bolt holes are slugs of the 40mm shafting threaded out to 20mmx2.5mm . I used 1.2mm wire and the majority of the 250amps my Thermal Arc 252i has to offer.

                          The rear axel runs through the whole length of the 2-inch box and is 40mm dia with the ends machined to 36mm.Fortunately my V13 bed was just long enough when using the Fixed steady (a colchester triumph 2000 one converted).
                          Some time ago Evan wrote about using Ceramic and PCD inserts.. Intrigued , I bought some Teledyne ceramic inserts..which almost always give a near mirror finish.

                          In action bolted to the LS540.(making a fine imitation of an English wheel on the sheets I used to protect the concrete).

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