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    The joke here in Canada goes something like this.

    How is making love in a canoe and American beer similar? Both are f*cking close to water.

    Come up here folks for your summer vacation. Your US dollars will go almost twice as far and you'll get to drink real beer.



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      I finally figured out why my shop cannot be cleaned out. Should have realized long ago.

      Its in the basement. Stands to reason that as soon as I move anything out it will roll back in!

      Speaking of ale, Newcastle Brown is available here in St Louis. I have several bottles in the fridge now. Sounds like a plan.

      Used to drink that used motor oil looking stuff, Murphy's Irish Stout, I think. Can't get it anymore.
      I like it, gives a man options. Drink it, just chaw on it for a while, cut it up and eat it with a fork, lots of ways to enjoy it.


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        I tried some of that Guiness stout in a bottle one time. Stuff would gag a maggot. I like the understated British humor though and pub jokes are always fun. Write more John!


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          Guiness is yummy! Watch yer mouth...

          The Vikings have something called
          "golden mead" - about 50% alchohol makes the lutefisk go down much better - similar to the Scotts with Scotch and Haggis, hmmmm, haggis!


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            hi, fellas,
            are you talking about problems of collecting junk or am i just misreading the question? you haven't got anything on me. my shop is in the corner of a 156,000 sq ft biulding. i keep ketch'n hell from my brother and his wife about my junk. after raisin' hell with me once they convinced me to clean my shop which was "running over into the rest of the plant". i tried, i really tried. i spent a whole three hours trying to remove all the things i didn't need. i carried one thing after another to to edge of the shop to be picked up by the 'junk man'. it was a very agonizing ordeal. nothing made it out. i would get to the door and i would realize that i would probably need this some day. if you really want to see what an indoor junk yard looks like just ask me. i can give you quite a few photos if you like.

            see ya'


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              I feels yer pain brother, we all have the same problem to some extent. My excuse is that the beer numbs the brain just enough that it allows me to toss out those precious shards "I absolutely know" I will need next week. The beer also gives the added "Beer Muscles" required to throw all that stuff in the recycling bin that one would otherwise be too wussy to do otherwise.

              It only hurts for a little while...

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                I can understand having floors that "might" go clear to the wall. If you have this problem, you need to hang some "good stuff" on the walls. "Good stuff" is anything that is too good to leave on the floor where it might get dirty. If you hang enough stuff you will hide the other condition which is "wall-to-wall ceiling". We all know that above the ceiling is where you put the goodies that you might get to when you have cleared the floor and walls.
                Now about the beer--- One must realize you can't buy beer, you only rent it. Which leads to the discussion of urinals--Is their height on the wall determined by the length of hose on the plumber or the location of the hose end compared to the floor?
                If you can't laugh you have to cry.