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Surplus Shed 48% off 3 day sale

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  • Surplus Shed 48% off 3 day sale

    I got an email from Surplus Shed with a special offer of 48% off the entire order. Sale ends Wednesday 8/6/14 at midnight. They mostly have optics (lenses, optical comparators, magnifiers) but also a large number of gears, some of which are the Module 1.0 used in some lathes like the G4000 and HF 9x20. And some tools and electronic components. I got a precision Sterling 48DP 3:1 reduction bevel gear set for $10, some timing belts and pulleys, 25 pitch sprockets, and some optocouplers.

    The website is:

    The discount code I got is SS81410

    Shipping is a flat rate $6.

    I don't know if it works for anyone or just returning customers.
    Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
    USA Maryland 21030

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    Thanks Paul. Almost everything I looked at was listed as "out of stock". I did get a batch of 10 optical flats for $26 with the shipping though.
    The discount code worked fine for me.


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      Discount code worked for me too and I saved a fair bit. Not to mention finding out a whole new, very interesting supplier of stuff I did not know I needed.



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        Slightly reminiscent of John Meshna back in the 50s and 60s, but no longer or not much mil electromechanical surplus. They run these sales about 3-4 months apart. I bit on
        one about 18 months ago and it took about a month for the order to be sent. Called several times and it is evidently a very small operation overwhelmed, then, with orders.
        Hope they ship faster now.


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          I've purchased stuff from them previously and they seemed to fill the order and ship it pretty quickly. They are in PA which is adjacent to MD. I like getting interesting stuff from surplus dealers like this.

          Another good company that's been around since I was a kid (when I also saw stuff from Meshna) is Herbach-Rademan, website I bought some heavy duty 10 pitch gears from them, and I might use them as a reduction drive for one of the electric tractors I'm working on. Here are the gears, and at that price it may be worth it just for the material:

 (only $3)

 (also $3)

          The two together make a 2.4:1 reduction drive with probably enough torque capacity for a bulldozer. Or a pretty awesome back gear for my lathe to get a low speed of 50 RPM.

          Another good place for lots of oddball stuff is Surplus Sales of Nebraska:

          And I also like Marlin P. Jones. I bought a couple of very powerful stepper motors for cheap recently, but those are now sold out. I also got an interesting pneumatic cylinder:

          Couldn't resist for just $4!

          And I got some nice small laptop type switching supplies from them. Like this 16V 3.75A (60W) adapter for $3. Makes a pretty good 12V battery charger if you add some voltage/current regulation circuitry:

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          Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
          USA Maryland 21030


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            If you are near enough to visit them it's worth the time, they are in an old musty school building and it's a real throwback to the surplus places of days gone by. Plenty of stuff that's not shown on the site, as well.