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Quality time with my import drill press

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    Great job on the drill press. I learned a lot from watching the video. The Benny Hill theme song on the fast motion video was perfect.

    I converted a drill press nearly like that to a tapping station. Put a tapping head on it and a three phase motor with a gear reducer. Works perfect up to 10mm.
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      Was a honey do list day but I managed to watch the video during a couple of breaks between the do's.
      Benny Hill theme song was a perfect touch, been humming it all day. Takes me back a few years. Benny Hill was on later in the evening. Wasn't expressly forbidden to watch but homework etc better be done first. What do you know, nothing changes.


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        haha... thanks for posting... job well done.
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          Originally posted by Tony View Post
          Thanks glad you guys enjoyed it.

          Black: its not CNC, just sounds that way when you speed the video up. DOC is typically 0.020-0.025 when I'm
          roughing. dull insert + DOC = sparks. that and it makes the video more exciting

          I'll warn you right here, last time I did an interrupted cut with a dull insert (ok the interrupted cut dulled the hell outta it) and saw sparks, afterwards one of the compound nut (the 2 that let you swivel it/lock its swivel) where stripped!

          Keep those tools sharp or the forces become immense, using a dull insert is like cutting with a chunk of dull rebar as a tool, sure it works, but only because an unstoppable force meets an immovable object and something has to move outta the way. The force against a dull insert will also make it duller and duller in no time at all.
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            Very nice video! There are times I wish I had someone take video of a process or job I am working on and then speed it up and all that. I find those kinds of videos neat.

            It does remind me that I crashed my drill press not long ago with a 4" hole saw and now I have runout at the chuck. I need to look into that some day.

            One other thing I noticed and was thinking threwout the video was I wish I had time to play around like that.


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              Don't recall if the dimension was mentioned in the video, so this may not be possible. Remake the spindle with a Morse taper socket. Even if there's only enough meat for a MT#1 it would make the machine more useful. More power would be transfered from the motor to the cutting edges through a taper, than by lines of contact in a drill chuck.