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  • Elio Motors

    Anyone heard of these guys?
    Has all the earmarks of another pie-in-the-sky next great vehicle.
    USA made
    Engineered to the "highest" safety standards
    I have to admit, I am intrigued, and am contemplating throwing a hundred bucks (supposedly refundable) at a "reservation" for my very own model. *I think i will stay away from the Sour Apple Green color, for obvious reasons (funny, that they don't list Lemon Yellow as a color choice).

    Seriously, I hope it works out for the guy, but reminds me too much of the cover stories of Popular Mechanix or Popular Science magazines showing the next "revolutionary new dirigible, of of the flying car that will be in everyone's garage soon".
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    I'd rather walk.


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      Yeah, they have been peddling the idea around for a while. Maybe 3 years or so. The idea is based on a motorcycle with a cabin. So licensing and costs are minimal. I don't think it's a bad concept in and of itself for urban use. I do see it as a pretty niche product that wouldn't have a lot of very wide mass appeal.

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        Technically, its a motorcycle. I've seen similar, one of my wife's co-workers has a Can-Am Spyder and absolutely loves it. Of course, its $18,000. I really doubt the Elio will ever see the light of day.

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          We've heard quite a bit about Elio around here -- the plan is to use the now abandoned GM S-10 plant that is/was located here in Shreveport La. Supposedly he has made an agreement with city fathers to lease the facility. One of the recent write ups was about getting around the "motorcycle" status and its requiring a helmet - I think he got that approved. Typically, any of the - rather seldom - write-ups about the progress, or lack of, on the project is the need for funding. Seems the general feeling around here is sorta .... "ho-hum" we'll believe it when we see it...
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            Looks quite a bit like an overgrown Messerschmidt from the 1950's.


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              Didn't steal many ideas from mike corbin did he? Still have corbins driving around here.
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                I had a guy at my office ask me what I thought of these because I'm a reverse trike enthusiast/entrepreneur. I'm now involved with the Roadstercycle if anyone cares. After looking it over, I agree it is great in concept, but that's all it will ever be. I don't think the promised claims are substantiated. I think the anticipated work force at the Shreveport, LA plant is not reality. The price point can only be accomplished by overseas manufacturing with only final assembly in the US, then 1500 factory workers will not be necessary. No business takes pre-orders hoping to fill them all in a short time period because you want longevity. I suspect they MAY be able to produce 5000 units a year, and with 25,000 pre-orders already, it will take a few years to fill, let a lone the new orders once the "showrooms" are open. I for one will not wait 5 years for anything that costs $7,000. Don't forget the obligatory product failures and manufacturing setbacks. Plus having Pep Boys, who by the way is a fine dealer in chinese motorized junk, being the primary parts provider and service shop will not help success. I will believe it when I see it.