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    Ixnay on the die grinder which I found really wasn't much good at all but the Red Neck solution worked quite well although I never tested it to the limit.


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      Verticle shear bit! I ground one and had the chance to use it today. I turned a piece of W1 down to a couple tho, then put this bit to work. Swung the compound around to 10 degrees, and used that to take some small cuts. It worked very nicely! Had the feed set as slow as it would go, light cut, smallest sliver you ever saw!

      Thanks to all that recommended this tool, sure did the trick!


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        Shear bit, or no shear bit, there is much to be said for grinding with a grinder that has a chance to do the job.....(not a die grinder, which is just a larval stage angle grinder).

        With a good tool post grinder, very good work can be done, better, I'd venture to say , that the shear bit. But a shear bit is good.
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