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Need advice on buying an ATLAS Lathe...

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  • Need advice on buying an ATLAS Lathe...

    There are two ATLAS Lathes for sale near me; 6" ~ 40" between centers (b/c) flat bed single phase $750, and a 12" ~ 48" b/c flat bed single phase $1200. The seller will also include accessories with that price. He states that the beds are in good shape. I can go look at them today, I don't really know what to look for though. I am currently taking a machine shop class but I won't see the instructor until Friday. I was originally looking at buying the 7 X 12 from Grizzly or something similar. Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks

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    First, they really aren't that long. Not sure how he is measuring them, probably the bed length.

    Go here for some inspection advice, he has a nice page written up.

    Also do these machines have quick change threading, this is a bit steep for change gear machines.

    Tooling is where the money comes in, if they are well tooled the money is about right.


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      stay away from import 9x20.........atlas 6 in is 6x18....12 x 36 has 54 in bed ....later 12 in has the thicker & more desirable 1/2 ways ,earlier are 3/8....change gear set irf needed will run 150-180.....quick change worth more ....need the double motor pulley for all the speeds available.....stdy rest will run150 +, follower 100+ ,chucksused are 50+ ,new 125+ ,toolholders 10-20...for 1250 , it should be x/cellent,w/ q/change & well tooled ..........where are u .......i have a 12x24 loose change w/ all gears ,tight& no sign of wear, on heavy cast iron legs& cast iron pan for 750 ..sat in farm shed for 30 years...
      best wishes