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22 sliding bed lablond

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  • 22 sliding bed lablond

    at what point does one stop being a home machinist. I just picked up a very nice old lablond lathe that was advertised in our local paper for 1000.00 it has a swing of 22 inches over the bed and the bed slides back for a gap then it will do 46 inches. anyone have experience on such a lathe. now I just have to sneak it in the basment without the old lady seeing it. its about 4x the size of my south bend 13
    thanks mike

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    A big thumbs up from Alistair have much fun on the new toy regards Alistair

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    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      Mike --

      You can be a home-shop machinist just as long as you want. The sizes of your machines don't bear on your status as an avocational machinist, what matters is that you do it (for some of us, "it" is machining; for some of us, "it" is collecting machines; for some of us, "it" is collecting and using machines) because you love it enough that you'd do it after winning the lottery.

      Congratulations on your new lathe . . . from a guy with a sweet tooth for LeBlond machines.



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        Finnish? I remember seeing that name (suomi) on some Finn beer..

        Ohh, I now own more then 100,000 pounds of tools. I am still a home-machinist-electrician-robot_tech_wanna_be_a_programmer

        Cheers.. drinking english beer tonight..

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          Suomi- maybe you can hide it underneath the bed until it's a good time to tell your wife....


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            Mention that some of the guys are sending there lathes out for cloneing with a steroid option if you want it installed.
            Wait a couple of days, and say it has arrived.
            David from jax
            A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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              I was thinking I could put it on side of the house put a couple of branches on it and tell her I got us a hedge (hope she dosent trim it to much.)


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                I'm reminded of the time my buddy bought a Case steam traction engine and told his wife he was just storing at his shop for someone else.....


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                  Or the guy I know who bought a assault rifle and had to keep it in his truck to hide it from his wife. *she didn't like guns.



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                    That's a nice machine.
                    We have one at work.
                    Most the "cnc" machinists wouldn't touch it but I've done a couple jobs on it.
                    To work on the face plate you have to turn, face etc with a boring bar.
                    The face plate passes below the sliding part of the ways.
                    It has a lot of power so safety first


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                      Ibewgypsie, an old guy I knew had a LOT of guns. Whenever he bought a new one, he'd bring it in to the house by way of the garage. His wife would always ask him "You didn't buy another gun did you?", and he'd say "No, I've had this one forever, I was just working on it in the garage." Once he got it with the rest of them, it was lost in the crowd.