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    Originally posted by Black Forest View Post
    Old Hat I keep reading you refer to the bar. A bar to me is a place to order a Scotch. What type of machine are you referring to and what does it do?
    Black Forest.......
    I think this is round three maybe four.
    In engineering circles, usually the guy with the question, offers some form of bennediction
    or pronouncement, once his question has seen a volly of assertions and discertations.

    You tend to just walk off . . . . ever notice that?


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      Sorry! Thank you.
      Location: The Black Forest in Germany

      How to become a millionaire: Start out with 10 million and take up machining as a hobby!


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        You're welcome!
        Any excuse to put up Bar pics is OK with me.

        I'd use more of mine but it's too risky untill one dunt work there anymore
        so I only post pics off the net or my pics from past employments.


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          I'd give my left nut to go back in time for ONE PARTICULAR PIC!

          The next Bar to the south of mine was a 7" Gray with tailstock.
          I knew the man on it about 10 years my senior.

          He was running a 6" line-bore putting 15" diameter spot-faces on
          four big ears projecting up several feet off the weldment, which hung over
          both sides of the table. The cutter was high speed 1" X 3" in section 15" long.

          The line-bar was the classic wedge lock type. I was near the top of a gear
          maybe 16' diameter putting in holes, so it would have been a Smythsonian Picture.
          He was on a chair, on the part with a squirt bottle and a pail of oil to refill the bottles.

          Every half turn around he'd spritz just bit on the top blade.
          The walls were 100 year old brick, and the steel of the building was all rivetted.
          What a snap-shot that would have been.

          Any guesses what the RPM was?
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            Probably around 40 RPM?
            Kansas City area


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              Oh yes,of course take down time is counted.Everything must be taken down,cleaned and returned to the crib.Floor needs a sweep,machine needs to be cleaned up,none of that gets done for free.It is nice to have an apprentice handy,they can learn the how and why of setup and the discipline of keeping the tooling together and the shop/machines clean.

              But of course everything costs money,so why not include it?Electricity has a price,so does welding wire and gas,also rags and hand cleaner.It all costs money and when it gets used it gets charged out to the customer.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                Originally posted by Toolguy View Post
                Probably around 40 RPM?
                S.F.M. is only a factor when a tool makes little contact (total legth of contact surface).
                Now, go with 11 feet from the Morse ? 6 ? 7 ? receiver to the tail-stock bushing, (bail?) I can't remember
                the term for the hinged open version? 6" diameter remember.

                Say the wedge locks end up at thirds of the line-bar.
                Now the bore was probably 10" so the bit made 2 1/2" of contact on each end.
                Sharpening was done in the crib, but not always done well. I touched up the tool I had to use
                on a different job to get the two ends to ballance well.

                Now given better information, try to recreate this senario in your mind,
                given your own experience with cutting @ parameters near the edge of the envelope.

                That wasn't fair of me was it.


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                  How about 10 RPM.
                  Kansas City area


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                    I'm still sorting out memory overlap here.
                    I got the spindle wrong! That Gray was 60 NTMB not Morse. The big G&L was Morse.

                    I think the Grey was doing 2 5/8 or 3 1/8 RPM .... I'm trying to remember if the spindle motor
                    had a variable drive on it
                    ......... I remember phoning him, cuz I thought he had fallen asleep.
                    Early cellFone ara ... had a pull out antena. I had tryed to guess the rpm but was wrong,
                    and he wasn't asleep, he was seeing if running dry made any difference.

                    The spot faces could be nearly 3/16" deep depending on the weldment's ears.
                    He wanted to try it while there was plenty left.

                    I tryed to find pics in google of a line-bar this big, or at least the 60 NTMB driver, or the cutting bits....
                    So far nutt'n.

                    PS / Toolguy!
                    Thanks, for giving it a go!
                    Most won't publish an educated guess.
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