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My daughter's first solo flight!

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    Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post
    You can see the serious focus in that kid, very cool and yes much pride is a good thing...
    That's the first thing I noticed...she looked quite determined.

    Congrats to her. Sounds like she has a plan and knows exactly where she want to be.
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      Congrats to Her. My wife and I both had our pirvate pilots licenses before having drivers licenses! The instructor and I were doing touch and gos, and we touched down, he took control and stopped the aircraft, then opened the door, stepped out, said "have fun" and then walked away... I had about 8 hours of official instruction in a Piper Tomahawk when i solo'd, but i had done lots of "intro" flights before that and used to "play" with my flight sim every night after school.


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        I would say that ths kid has definate determination. She is a "damn the torpedos" sort.
        My other two are more conservative.

        Its funny how they are all bone at the same time, raised pretty much the same, yet all completely different!



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          Sid, congratulations to your daughter and you. I soloed in 1975 in a Piper Colt. Got my shirt tail cut off.

          A few years ago a young lady named Lisa moved into the hangar next to me. She was just over 5'. She was a B-1 driver from Dyess AFB. She became an IP while at Dyess then transferred to the Air Force Academy to teach Gliders. While she was my neighbor she started flying a Cessna 140 which she sold after a year or so. Then she bought a Pitts S-1. She was a very impressive young woman.

          I was also privileged to meet a young woman who flew A-10's. Wow, she had some great stories

          Best of luck to your daughter, I hope she has at least half as much fun with aviation as I have.



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            I'm proud of her and I don't even know her. Best of wishes for her future.

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