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  • Cincinnati toolmaster mt opinions

    Looking at a Toolmaster MT at a dealer in Texas. Of his machines, my choices are between a 98 supermax or a 73 TM MT. The supermax is $4000 and the Cinci is $3600. I'm leaning towards the Cinci because I hear a lot of praises but I don't hear much about the MT model. I just want to see if anyone has any experience with this particular model.



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    Supermax = last resort purchase.

    I've had to replace a broken spider in one.
    Had to insert a round T-slot pulled out in another on the spindle-turret.
    And have seen an assortment of other issues, what arn't impressive.


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      Im a MT fan myself, wasent till i got one, i have used bridgeports etc and im never going to knock one as they are fine machines, however this mt became available and i was able to purchase it from work as scrap, the fact that it was still bolted to the skid it was delivered on had little to do with it, it had been sitting in the back of the stores for 20 years!, unused, the space was deemed more valuable than the machine, it came with rotary table slotter dividing head and a couple of crates of cutters (when i did open the crates i found the usual cock up and the cutters were for the cinny horizontal that had already been melted!) it was during the dark ages of 5S, anything and everything went into the converter as scrap, no exceptions.
      It turned out to be a lovely machine, the crane lifting it out smashed the optical measuring system and a couple of handwheels but some chrome rod and a die grinder fixed those.
      Its a robust beast, mine has a 40 taper so there is plenty of ex industrial tooling around cheap, the tapping function is great but the long travel handwheel takes some getting into, moving the table is like moving a manual surface grinder, no handwheels on the ends of the table.
      Variable speed head with tacho, variable speed table feeds in all directions too.
      I wouldnt ever change it, it can take a mighty big old face mill too, i have a 6" and 8" sandvick that you need a plexiglas gard to keep the chips at bay, theres a 3hp motor, some are smaller.
      There are heavier machines about, i did have a KT 6 foot table monster but i swear the MT can hold its own against one.
      Besides it only cost me $100.
      Recent bearing change on the spindle was to be honest somewhat boring and straightforeward, only took the afternoon and the races were cheap.
      Looks cool too!