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Liquidation of McDermott INC in Amelia LA

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  • Liquidation of McDermott INC in Amelia LA

    Does anyone know what made this 300 acre facility close?

    Their capacity is quite large and certainly will leave a big hole in the fabrication area, as well as the great number of potentially unemployed people.


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    The structures they built there were assembled,placed on barges and towed out to the Gulf.The new structures the drilling industry is moving to are all deep water rigs.Those structures are much larger and heavier than what that yard is able to produce and ship.The canal access to the facility is too shallow and basically it's too far inland from the Gulf.

    They are as a result,moving the operation to a deepwater port in Mexico,which is closer to their customers,closer to deepwater and also solves the constant labor shortage problem.

    Down here on the GoM there is a shortage of skilled labor.Not because of low wages,but because the old hands are retiring/dying off and few young people want to work in a career that is necessarily,dirty,dusty,hot hard work.As an example today the temps were 98F and 81% relative humidity,not the kind of weather where you want to be inside a structure leg welding in full leathers

    There was also some skuttlebutt about poor management,etc,etc...but then there always is.
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