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  • Today's Estate Sale Gloat

    So I was out running errands today; After leaving the dentist's office I bought some sanding sealer, then a couple of boxes of cap screws, then the next stop was to be my favorite industrial surplus store. Driving along Belt Line Road I saw a sign for an estate sale, so I made a U turn, then followed the signs to the sale. It was mostly boring tools, stuff of no real value. But then I saw this, totally out of place with the rest of the crap.

    It's a Starrett #439-24 builder's square with a 24 inch blade. The head is 9" long and swivels. It is graduated in degrees on one side and pitch on the other.

    It appears to be unused...I'd probably give it a 9.750 out of 10. Street price on these appears to be around $425.00 up to $473.00. Here is a pic of it along with my trusty, well used Starrett #13A square with 4" blade.

    Not bad, for $22.50. It will definitely be put to use.

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    Great find.

    You suck.


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      Originally posted by CarlByrns View Post
      Great find.

      You suck.

      Even more usefull than it is Pretty!

      I found a Starrett 18" scale and a 9" level on Ebay last year.
      The lenght of each puts them in my favorites list.
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        That's very nice John, a great find.
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          Isn't serendipity a quirky/wonderful thing!

          You suck!



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            Wow. Nice tool score!

            Best part was finding it on a lark, when you were just driving by and weren't even there for the opening.