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    Hi Guys-

    Gronk here. I have been making chips for 64 years, and don't have enough sense to quit. Since I retired from my last 8-4 job-- one and sometime later 2 man toolroom machinist for a medical device company, I have worked about 4 hours a day in the home shop that my two sons share with me, making old car parts and rebuilding Stanley steam car engines. Finally had enough of that, and since I don't have room for more cars of my own , was thinking about building a small IC engine- Another lifelong hobby is modeling in scale 1/48 railroading, I have a couple locos (scratch built) with on board battery and radio control, the rest running pantographs on over head wire. Stopped doing work for outsiders, going to work on my own stuff in the time that I have left.


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    Welcome aboard and enjoy the forum. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say I would love to see you post some pictures of your scale locomotives you have built!
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      Welcome and yes, pictures would be great.


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        Welcome to the asylum Pictures of your projects would be great.

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          Welcome to the best machinist board on the net. I'm happy to see someone who is interested in model RRing. It has been many years since I had a layout (HO) and I really thought that after I retired I would have time for it again. But so far that has not worked out.

          Anyway, welcome to you. Pour yourself a cup and chat away.
          Paul A.
          SE Texas

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            This is a great forum for newbies and experts and everything in between. I have learned a lot from those who have been very kind and patient as I have attempted (and often succeeded) with metalworking projects, and I hope I have been helpful with my own expertise in various niches of electronics. Looking forward to seeing some photos of your model RR items. I enjoyed them from when I was a child and I still have a lot of HO rolling stock and accessories that I may one day revive. Welcome!
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              In Response to Request for Photos

              OK, here are some pix.

              First, a freelanced 4 wheel Baldwin-Westinghouse box cab. Completely scratchbuilt, including pantograph.

              And a pair of more typical ones, same construction

              Next, a Reading 0-4-0 Camelback. This has a two cell LiPo for power, and a Stanton S-CAB radio receiver

              In process--

              I think that there is a fourphotos/post, so continued



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                Next, a Ingersol-Rand "Oil-Electric". Second iteration of the first successful diesel loco.

                Trucks are all ball bearing.


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                  And finished

                  I enjoy making complex trackwork

                  Thanks for your interest. All models are 1/48 scale ("O Gage")

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                    Boy, am I ever igger-ant.

                    Didn't thank you folks for the warm welcome Glad you were interested in my sub-hobby.

                    And also forgot to mention that the I-R loco is also radio controlled, again with Stanton S-CAB.

                    And Muttley, I don't live very far from you. Gromit

                    Sorry, he comes in and paws at the keyboard when my back is turned. BAD DOG!

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                      You have some great work there. Very nice photos also. Welcome, this is really a great board. There is much info here, both questions and answers.


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                        Welcome aboard!

                        Thanks for the outstanding pics. They exude obvious high quality workmanship. I dd N-scale back a few decades. Kind of miss that hobby, and kind of glad I don't have another hobby right now.

                        Carry on!



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                          Muttley says "Hi" (well, actually, more like "wroof!"). If you are nearby, maybe we can swap some tooling or collaborate on some projects, or just take the dogs for a short walk (my back problems make long walks difficult). I have some interesting HO stuff, but I think 1/48 scale is much smaller. There is someone on MEM that does a lot 2mm scale which may be smaller than 1/48.


                          Yes, I see that 1/48 scale is commonly known as "O" gauge:


                          We had those when I was a kid, and my uncle even had a rather rare "OO" gauge set.

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                          Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
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                            Great work on those model trains!

                            Meanwhile, we run "L" gauge here!!


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                              L guage?

                              Wot the L is L gauge? Must be Chinese, or that little guy in the pix is suffering from severe kidney dysfunction!