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    I recently bought a 450 John Deere dozer and the transmission temperature gauge does not work. How do I convert it to a probe instead of electric. Where is the sending unit located for the probe?

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    Can't help you, but it seems to be JD season, In the last three days I've run into 5 people having trouble with JD of some kind, my clutch and your temp gauge make it 7.....


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      Simply, and I use the term loosely, replace the the gauge and electric sending unit wit a mechanical gauge.
      The mechanical gauge will have a one piece bourdon tube from it's probe to the gauge that contains a gas which expands and moves a needle on the gauge to reflect the current temperature. Mechanical pressure gauges work on the same principle.
      You will need a guage with a probe that has the same threads as your current electric sending unit as it will screw into the transmission at this point. You will also have to acquire a guage with a long enough bourdon tube to reach all the way from the trans. to the dash. Oh and don't break this tube during installation as after it's broken and the fluid/gas leaks out, it will be useless. You will also need transmission oil to replace any oil that escapes while replacing either the gauge or sending unit.

      Not sure exactly sure where your present sending unit is located, just look for a sending unit on the transmission case.

      Sometime it's much easier and cheaper to diagnose and replace either the present gauge, sending unit, or wiring that connects the two.
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        There's a construction equipment subforum on the John Deere forums. A lot of knowledge there. Congrats on the 450. That's a nice machine.


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 is another decent site.
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            Originally posted by Arcane View Post
   is another decent site.
            Yeah, best one I've found...
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