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    Firstly let me say that I'm a novice who's been at this about 3 years. That being said I have done a few things for others and they've been satisfied. I also have a network of folks needing fairly basic machine work and they are already paying for said work. With all that in mind I'm about ready to print some cards and begiin making the rounds. I have a business which keeps me busy but if I could work my way into billing 15+ hrs/week that would be a nice supplement for my retirement. I won't incur any extra expense from this step and am not afraid to turn down a job I don't want. Any thoughts?

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    Yes. Whatever you do, expect to shovel no more than 33 percent of your gross into what I'll describe as "direct" overhead; (stock, tooling, small tools, etc.) In other words, if you're paying out much more than a third just to get jobs done, you're losing money.

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      Thanks Goose, I wasn't thinking quite that high but I am anal about record keeping and looking at the numbers. Good advice!