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made another nice tool haul today

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  • made another nice tool haul today

    I called the guy who sold me all the indicators for $62. I wanted to see if he had any levels and 3/4" boring bars with inserts. I struck out on those things but managed to drag home some other stuff. It wasn't a screaming deal like last time but I'm not going to complain. I had to throw the proving ring in just because. Anyway, here's what $200 brought me.

    The inside dial caliper is listed at $676 at MSC but this is an older SPI tool made in Germany. I guess if you really had to have one the package price is attractive.

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    It's always fun to snag some cool new stuff, good find.

    How is the "proving ring" used? I'm not familiar with what that is or what its use would be.

    Guess I've led a sheltered existence...


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      You hook the two ends up to "something" and when they are pulled apart, the ring deforms out of round and the plunger on the gauge is compressed. The amount of strain can be measured that way.
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        It's a mechanical strain gauge right? You could hang it vertically and make a table to convert movement to kilograms, within a certain range.


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          Cool, thanks for enlightening me. There is always something new to be learned hanging around here!