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Do welding gases seperate?

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    I used to have a gas distributor for a partner. They used to roll the bottles to ensure they were mixed. I would expect CO2 to settle to the bottom over time. Try rolling the bottle to see if it makes a difference, doesn't cost anything to try it.


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      Yep, that's I been doing. Every so often, I take my bottle of shield mix outta the shop and roll it up and down my drive for a spell.


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        You cant buy Acetylene gas, only dissolved Acetylene as BF says they need to be vertical, inside the bottle is stuffed with some stuff called capok or kapock, i think its coconut fibre but not sure, its filled with Acetone and the acetylene pumped in where it dissolves in the acetone, thats why the delivery rate is so low, if the bottle is in a quiet place when the gas is being drawn you can just hear the bubbling sound if your close.
        Someone told me they fill upside down so the gas bubbles through the liquid but im not 100%, seems to make sense though.
        Also watch propane tanks, i accidentely connected one meant for a fork truck, they are meant to deliver liquid out not gas as they have a dip tube in them, hence the arrow on them for tube orientation when sticking on a truck! A nast suprise as liquid propane came out of the torch


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          There is no separation.

          To solve the perceived problem buy this:

          I use strait Argon and a liquified CO2 cylinder. It's cheaper, you can vary the blend, you can use the argon for your tig (you need only one common cylinder) and you can tack with strait CO2 to save more money if you chose.

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            I used the 75/25 mix (Liquid Air Blueshield 8) for 30 years as a welder and never touched a bottle, after it was set up, until it was empty and I have never had any trouble with the gas. I didn't see anyone else doing anything either.
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              I have one of the proportional gas mixers too. Not cheap but allows me to just use a 300cf argon for tig and the mixer with a 5lb CO2 for the mig.