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Dividing plate dimensions

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    Metric conversion 25.4x5=127 good for a 10 or 5 TPI lead screw.


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      Thanks Thrud for the info on the 127 plate.
      You guys crack me up, always good for a laugh. My wife can't figure out why I like looking at this BBS. I won't tell her how funny "machinist" work can be. She's a great wife otherwise.


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        Metric transposing gear sets use this 127 tooth gear. Metric machines also make use of them for cutting inch threads. This 127 tooth gear used with all leadscrew pitches, I'm wanting a transposing set for my Hendey, 4tpi leadscrew.

        This old Hendey has an advantage over most machines, it has a leadscrew reversing mechanism between the spindle and the gear train. I won't have to reverse spindle to cut metrics that way.

        Now to decide what exact gears to use, have charts for the machine. I want to size things so I only have to change 1 gear to cut most common metrics, and go right back to standard just by switching that one gear.

        I might be dreaming, we had an old Zubal at work, just 1 gear to change to go from metric to standard. 120 tooth and 127 tooth. Got some measuring of adjusting ranges to do, see what I can do.

        But this is one of my back burner projects, but metrics keep getting more and more common. Don't like having to cart stuff into work and cutting them on break time.


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          Are you one of those skinny buggers who eat their own weight in food every shift and still look like a Bangladesh poster child? That would explain not wanting to cut into your break time!

          We Gravitationally Challanged Meso-Endo Morphs want to know...


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            You refer to yourself as a 400 pound gorilla, I'm just a 300 pound gorilla myself. I can look at food and gain weight.

            Doing stuff on break cuts into nap time. I would like to have metric threading capabilities at the home shop. I do have a dead Maximat 7, your kind of machine, if I had a motor on it and a full set of gears. But it is a bit limited size wise, and that Hendey sure should work good.

            Anyone else have too many projects, that's me. Got so many projects to do I can't figure where to start first, so usually I have to ponder on it for a while, then nothing gets done.

            Harold S.


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              Were you the runt of the litter of what? I remember when I was a wee lad - dainty and delicate I was - about 250, I recall. Grade four was tough.

              I just catching up on naps now - I kinda like it!

              Sorry to hear about your lathe. maybe I will have some organ donations for your lathe in a while.


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                Earlier in this thread I said I would have a way to index a lot better.
                Since then I have got the big, 200 odd pound Hoffman dividing head rigged up with a stepper drive.
                I posted on another thread called "Off the scecret list" a bit more about this.
                Tonight I'm setting up for the first time to do a 42 tooth change wheel for a metric Clausing Colchester.
                I'll post some more results and pics as I go along.

                John S.

                Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.