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Ques. for SGW (re lathe dial ind. holder)

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  • Ques. for SGW (re lathe dial ind. holder)

    Steve, I enjoyed your article in the new MW, and plan to build one. As always, your presentation was clear and concise. My compliments!

    I do have a question tho about the reasoning behind dimension 'E' in fig 2. You provide an extra 1/32 spacing so the clamp plate will engage the bottom of the way at the back, rather than front. Is that to accomodate the "flexing" of the connecting plate you mentioned?, so that you end up with the clamp bearing on the full width of the way bottom after it's tightened?


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    Well, I haven't gotten a copy of the issue yet! Maybe it will show up today.

    But if memory serves (it's been a while since I submitted that article)....
    I added that extra 1/32" just as assurance the bottom plate would not make contact at the front edge; if there was any error, I wanted it to be such that contact would be at the back. Ideally, it ought to line up "perfectly" and there shouldn't be any allowance at all, but I haven't reached perfection yet.

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