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Small belt help with Brown and Sharpe #2 surface grinder

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  • mc_n_g
    Thanks for the reply.
    What ever info you get would be fine.

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  • Old Hat
    I've been offered a Brown and Sharpe surface grinder,
    that I put in a mentor's basement years ago.

    I'm over due to look into the possibillity of getting it.
    We've had difficulty with timing, mostly on my part.

    Don't rush it, I'll try to make contact sooner rather than later.
    I can at least see what model it is.
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  • Small belt help with Brown and Sharpe #2 surface grinder

    Picked up a Brown and Sharpe #2 surface grinder for less than scrap. It is a definite #2 and not a #2L
    The long belt is there but the small table drive belt is missing.
    Anyone have dimensions (length and width) and/or a photo of the small belt in place?
    I could probably figure it out without too much problem but wanted to know if anyone has one could answer the question.

    It has the old plain bearing spindle which seems to be in good condition.
    I will probably order some Velocite 4 for the spindle, the requirement was for 32 Saybolt at 100F