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  • Crazy pressing jigs

    Last night I build a "jig" to securely support a small part in 4 spots, 3 of which were different heights and 2 that were hard to reach. I rummaged around the shop until I found the right mix. I think I used...

    1 Lathe tool holder (the kind that goes in a lantern style).
    2 misc blocks of 4140 to keep the lathe tool from tipping either way
    4 misc steel chunks to build height on one side
    1 misc 1/8" shim
    1 misc 1/4" shim
    3 misc sheetmetal shims
    2 nickles
    1 quarter
    1 penny
    1 flat screwdriver tip as an adjustable wedge under some of the coins.
    1 block of wood
    A few clamps

    I was very careful to plan, assemble, level, and clamp the abomination so it was quite sturdy and wouldn't grenade itself under pressure. Looked like what some might call modern art. The major materials I used were either nice pieces of stock I've been saving or actual stock I bought for an upcoming project so I didn't want to weld or modify them so stack and clamp was the name of the game. It worked quite well.

    The coins were used to prevent scarring on certain components and to prevent the part from tilting. A little worse for wear but they'll still spend, I've seen much worse in circulation.