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    No I'm not looking for Pauls favorite, the step drill. Has anybody noticed that nifty little rod bender they use there? It has a large wheel for rotation and it curves what appears to be up to 3/4" solid rods for around the fenders and such. Does anybody know if this might be home built? Love to have one of those in my shop. Plans out there somewhere maybe???

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    If you find them or pictures of them, be sure and post them here so the rest of us, none TV watching guys can see them.
    (I do watch a little, just not much)
    David from jax
    A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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      Do you mean the Ring roller? They use it to bend round, angle and flat stock.

      You can get them several places. Here is a company known for quality tools


      They are pricy but good quality. If you don't need to do large stock Harbor freight sells one for about 50.00. I have it and it's not bad.

      I've seen some plans also but can't find them right now. If I come across them I'll post the link.

      Hope this is what you were looking for.


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        I would really love to have that Dake bandsaw that Paul doesn't even know how to cut on!


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          Thanks Warren. Ya, its hard to believe how many tools on that show that it appears they have never started. Love to be in that position. Can you imagine it. Buy a tool and just have it sit there till you need it. Tool heaven. Still like that show though.


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            That $3000+ English wheel sure makes a good coat rack though!


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              They should have Jesse James over, to show them how to use the wheel.


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                The "magazine" that HAAS publishes has an interesting interview with Jesse James in it. I know some people don't like him, but if he does what he says he does in the interview, he's one smart businessman. He hates to outsource anything because he can't control the quality. He bought his VT-48 (I think that's the machine) because for some inexplicable reason, he wanted to make the wheels for a Honda prototype out of billet aluminum. They outsourced it some place, and whoever it was (Jesse didn't say), screwed the job up, and tried to cover up their mistake by welding up the part. Jesse discovered this when he got the wheels back from the anodizer. At which point, he turned to his CNC man and said, "@$*% it! Find out whatever machine it is we need to do this ourselves and buy it!"


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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">I would really love to have that CENSORED that Paul doesn't even know how to cut on! </font>
                  I have one identical to it for CENSORED. Condition and appearance as new.

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                    I believe that this site has a policy against posting FS ads.

                    Mike Henry near Chicago


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                      Yes this is not a place to sell items. If you have something to sell you can contact the member directly using his/her e-mail address. If they allowed people to sell here it would get clogged with crap for sale and opinions on equipment that were skewed because someone was selling something. There are enough places on the internet to sell stuff please do it there.



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                        OK, I fixed it

                        Actually, as far as I can recall I've never advertised anything for sale other than in for sale forums..and pretty rarely even then...until now. Just seems like when someone flat out says they want a specific item that's fairly rare it's hard to resist posting ya have it. But yeah, woulda been better to just email direct. Ok by me to zap the post completely.