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Wierd an hydraulic question

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  • Wierd an hydraulic question

    I took apart my first bottle jack today and as you sugested it is basic. My question is: at the bottom were the fluid is fed in under the lifting cylinder can I drill an alternate hole through the side of the base and with a 1/8th or 1/4" pipe fitting attach the porta power there. Leave all the existing holes with the blead down screw in the closed position and use the reservoir from the porta power as my fluid supply. The porta power would also have to act in this case as the controles as well. A more technical question would be, does this change the power output possibly changing the 80ton to less or maybe more depending on the pumping cylinder output to the lifting cylinder piston diameter?

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    Okay, Second question now that you are cornered.. HA HA..

    I got a greenlee power unit (off a conduit bender), AM building a hydraulic press similar to the one in HSM. except I want a button instead of a pump.

    IT has a quick screw connector/spring-ball, Is it common and can be purchased? Are you familiar with this type of power unit? If not I can email a picture. I wish I had gotten the connector off the bad-hydraulic cylinder on the bender.

    The best laid plans of mice and men hit me today. I just thought I had everything together and planned.. One more monkeywrench. Back to the steel store.



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      Gunsmith,yes it will work fine,but you may have to block the port going back to the jack pump for it to work without including air before the cylinder sees pressure,this is because some jacks have no spring on the pump check ball,if you need to block it,make a tapered aluminum pin to drive into the hole.

      Dave,them porta-pack pumps have about six or seven different quick connects all of which are over priced,I don't know about the Greenlee,but the Enerpac and OTC fittings run anywhere from $35-50 each half

      But,if you got the one half send me a picture of it,I have a cabinet at work with surplus ends in it,if I have a match its yours for the postage.Worst come to worst I got an Greenlee full line catalog with all the info and specs for their stuff,its nothing special,most of the fittings are made from 12L14 soft as butter,I could make you a few sets.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Thanks Weird. I'm going to give it a try. My next step is to find a good used or cheap new HA HA bottle jack.


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          I got the wrong channel, I had two pieces and thought they were okay, One was a 10" other a 11"... Never saw oddball channel before.. each day..

          I'll get a picture of the fitting .. There is a return on the reservior on the tank too.. This pump has not been tested.. I may take the fitting off and jury rig something to test it before going to a lot of trouble.. With my luck lately.. HA..