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  • South Bend SB 1009 10K

    Hi everyone! New here and to machining. Thinking of purchasing the South Bend 1009 10 K as my first lathe and entrance into the machining world. Does anyone have any experience with this lathe? Would it be a good 1st. lathe choice? My use/intentions would be for my ship building hobby and maybe some light gun smithing projects,not for commercial use,just a home owners tool.

    Any input/advice would be appreciated!


    I meant the 1002 10k, sorry guy's
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    I have one and I love it. How much tooling it comes with and how much wear it has are important factors. How much are they asking for it?


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      it has a pretty good reputation, especially now they've addressed some problems people had with the very early units. There's a whole thread on the Practical Machinist South Bend forum on them. Other options to consider would be the DROpros Seig SC8 and Precision Matthews 10x27/30 lathes - they vary in price, features and accessories, so it's worth cross shopping them. I seem to remember the SB1009 being a touch pricey, although I haven't looked at it in a long while.


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        Theh SB1009 is $32,250 plus freight from Grizzly which puts it out of reach for a lot of home shop types, but it has a lot of features to like. But I don't think it's considered a 10K, is it? The 1002 is and is a lot more affordable.


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          Sorry I meant the 1002 10k


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            I have a 70 year old 10" South Bend and I really like it. So far it has done everything I have asked it to do. You can't go wrong with a South Bend lathe.

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              My South Bend lathe is an old one.....I didn't realize we were talking the new South Bend Lathes. Although I do like my old one!


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                The new South Bend lathes, are so in name only and not to be mistaken for the old "GOOD" South Bends.
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