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    BBC News online often has a Day in Pictures section, always interesting snapshots from all over the world. So the recent one has a photo of a man, camel and sand dunes captioned "A man leads his camel, equipped with a Google street view camera, around the Liwa desert, Abu Dhabi"

    Okay, I get that they're covering everything everywhere and there should soon be a way to look around the dunes in Abu Dhabi. However, from my understanding of dune activity in two or three years everything they record today will be different. So using the graphics one would NEVER be able to re-locate what google saw. There might be a small Buddhist lesson on impermanence there somewhere.
    "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill

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    that's pretty funny. I used to have the dubious honour of having my first Australian POS car(Ford Meteor, anything but) in Google streetview of our house when we lived there. Funnily enough, I'm even more disappointed to see that's no longer the case

    You know that scientists have used one of the desert scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy (Luke's homestead on Tattooine I think) to make dune migration via satellite. Supposedly it's about to be over run and covered some 20+ years after it was abandoned. Can't remember where it is, Algeria I think.