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OT Drive way ROCK question ?

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  • OT Drive way ROCK question ?

    Hello Group,

    I am in the process of resurfacing my gravel driveway and am using 3/4 minus rock. What my problem is, is there isn't much in the way of finds to lock the rock together. What I have already done is spread the rock and run the plate compactor over it REAL WELL and when you walk on it it just kicks it back up.
    What I need to know is what can I use or do to lock the rock in place a little better. I know if the fines were better (more plentiful) this does it for you, but this rock needs something, what would that be?

    Tx Mr fixit for the family
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    Problem is lack of fines, clean 3/4 won't bind, over here you would order 3/4 to dust, it's a mix of 3/4 max right down to powdered rock, usually limestone, 3/4 clean has no dust so the instaces between the stone allow movement, adding stone dust will effectively lock the chippings together, a small plate compactor may not be enough to compress the sub base, you may need to hire a vibrating roller.


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      Pretty much what Mark said, "crusher dust" might be another name, AFAIK it can be "got" separately.

      We use the same stuff at work on our paths, and gotta say it is some of the worst ever to walk on, there is always that one misplaced/kicked up one you have to step on a bit wrong.


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        I think I would have asked the guys running the quarry or Mason's yard what they would recomment before ordering a truckload of anything for a driveway. You pay more for clean 3/4" than you do for 3/4" minus, which includes 3/4" and everything below it. You might have to scrape some of the 3/4" up before adding anything as a binder, else it will just continue to flow sideways under the weight.


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          Thanks for the responses. It was fresh crushed 3/4 minus but the fines seem to be minimal at best. I will check and see if the quarry has just fines and may dust the top with it and see what goes.
          Again Tx for the suggestions.

          Mr fixit for the family


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            The material you want is called "road base". It's only drawback is it's a bit dirty, so you track thje dirt into the house. Eventually the surface dirt washes out. After that, not bad. Your 3/4 minus will eventually pack down, and sink into the soil beneath it...just takes a little time, rain, etc.
            The plate compactor breaks the edges off the larger aggregates and those little pieces fill in the gaps. But, it takes a lot of repetitions.


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              seeing as though it's already down what about sand?


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                You need something with fines in order for it to pack. If you have washed rock it's just going to roll around. Fines are messy so usually the drive is put in using mixed aggravate and then a top coat of washed stone is then tailgated over it. Never seen anyone compact a driveway, but I'm sure it done.

                Where I grew up we'd build the base with a layer of really large stuff then cover it with 304 (1-1/4" or less) then move on to a layer of 411 (3/4" or less). Then when you get it beat down then you can get fancy and dress it with 8 (1/2" to 3/8"). Pretty sure I have those correct. However the numbers won't mean much because quarry nomenclature can vary by region. The numbers I listed are Ohio Dept of Transportation (ODOT) numbers.


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                  Here I order DOT road underlayment - that has the correct ratio of fines to coarse, and specific shaped rock. If not you are a the mercy of "3/4 minus" and that definition depends on where in the pile it's dug from (top tends to have more coarse, bottom has more fines) and the conveyer/crusher operator.

                  My driveway is nearly 1000 feet, and the DOT underlayment packs down like concrete.

                  If it's already down I'd go over it with "rock dust" (crushed fines used for setting concrete pavers) then compact.


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                    Around here it is called 2b modified, 2b if you just want stones no dust. I have also heard the "dust" referred to as crusher sand.


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                      I'm in the Salem area and I know that it makes a difference which quarry or yard it comes from. There is a lot of crushed river rock in this area and it will not have the fines that quarry rock has. So did you get river rock or quarry rock? You can tell the river rock by the half round pieces.

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                        I got fresh quarry rock from the crusher as it was being put on the pile so that is why I got more rock and very little fines. I had the same idea of maybe sand as a binder but im not so sure it will do the job correctly. I did find out that the quarry does have fines as a seperate item so Im thinking of getting a couple of yards and spreading it around and then running the plate compactor over it and see what happens.

                        TX for more ideas guys.

                        Mr fixit for the family


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                          If I recall correctly ground basic slag was once used for this purpose.


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                            I remember it being called crush, or crusher dust.
                            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                              I live very close to the Campbell/Genstar quarry where they mine and process crushed stone, but I could not find much on them. They have changed ownership and names several times.

                              This picture is from 1978:

                              I also work near the LaFarge quarry in New Windsor:

                              The best information I found was this:


                              You probably want this:

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