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Looking for metric cutting tool suppliers

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  • Looking for metric cutting tool suppliers

    I'm looking for suppliers of metric cutting tools for a mill (counterbores, reamers, etc...) that, of course, sell to the private sector. I'm finding it difficult to source metric tools... thanks in advance.
    (I had help earlier from someone to look at Travers for metric gear cutters - thanks! - to bad they don't sell metric counterbores...)

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    MSC Industrial Supply ( metric drills, end mills, reamers, c-bores, etc. and will sell to individuals. But have you checked here in Puddletown at General Tool, Western Cutting Tools, or MacKinnon Tools? In my experience most industrial suppliers are happy to deal with you if you walk in with cash or a checkbook. No account required and small minimum, if any. Also, if you need something special that you just can't find, you could get something larger and have it reground. McKenzie Tool Grinding does good work, also Paul Brong Machine Works (across from Benson HS), and New Tech Industrial on Columbia Blvd. sells tools and has a grinding shop to boot.


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      Enco is one option. They seem to try and market themselves to the small shop and take credit cards.


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        I too am looking for a metric gear cutter. The closest I have come is Maryland Metrics. On initial contact they said they sold them and wanted a fax number. When I let them know I had no fax machine they broke off communication and have ignored repeated emails. I have a lot of tool catalogs, including MSC but none list metric cutters.



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          I was looking for another sort of cutter when I noticed the KBC catalogue offers metric cutters with inch-size shanks.
          Ron LaDow