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Keller Die Filer Model 1A - Documents, Overarm Info

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  • Keller Die Filer Model 1A - Documents, Overarm Info

    I have a Model 1A Keller Die Filer. I understand that the
    manufacturer had a website and responded to inquiries
    at least up to the late 2000's. However, they no longer
    appear to have an on-line presence as Keller.

    Does anyone know whether Keller now operates under
    another name or if their remaining materials were picked
    up by a different entity?

    I would like to locate documents for my 1A Die Filer such
    as an operating manual, parts list and sales literature. I
    have already checked VintageMachinery.Org - there is
    information about Keller's reciprocating horizontal hack
    saws, but no mention of the filers.

    I would also like to locate photos and dimensions of two
    styles of overarms I understand were available for the
    machine for the purpose of replicating these to use on
    my machine.

    I have seen Doc Nickel's threads and photographs of his
    machine(s?) in the past. I am going to go back to these
    to look for closeups and disassembled views of the overarm
    fitted with a square vertical sheetmetal tube and spring
    device which might be intended for scrollsaw blade use.

    If someone happened to have either or both of the OEM
    overarms available for sale, I would certainly be interested
    in receiving information about price and condition.

    Thank you.
    Ken R.

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    Located a copy of a Parts List for the 1A Die Filer on PM.

    HSM member crrmeyer posted a link in 2009 to one he had, but
    the link is now inactive.

    HSM mbr MickeyD posted photos of the overarms in post #24

    Looks like there are a goodly number of members here who own
    a Keller, an Oliver or something similar

    - BadDog
    - buickfan
    - crrmeyer
    - Doc Nickel
    - ehughes
    - MickeyD
    - mmambro
    - plastikosmd
    - Your Old Dog



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      Mikem owns one too!--Mikem


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        Originally posted by mikem View Post
        Mikem owns one too!--Mikem
        If you are going to taunt the guy, at least do it right. Post a picture that hides any of the details he's interested in.


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          While searching to answer my own questions, I came across
          gwilson's suggestion to replace a die filer's fixed speed motor
          with a variable speed unit. This is a great idea.

          As it happens, I have several new sewing machine motors.
          These have clutches - the ability to adjust file speed on the
          fly might be a worthy improvement.

          Owner's Manual anyone?



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            I was told the upper spring-loaded arm was for longer files- if you have to work a heavy angle on a fairly thick part, you have to have several inches of file sticking out in order to reach. I suppose you could put a scrollsaw blade in there, but I don't think it's really fast enough for it- a hacksaw blade maybe, but a scrollsaw, no. Not sure either one was ever recommended by the factory.

            Since I work mostly aluminum with it, I've never felt the need for a variable speed motor.

            I've never been able to find any parts either, though I keep my eyes open. I'm missing the 'plain' roller arm, figure I'll just make one at some point.

            Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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              Doc Nickel, I inadvertently overlooked thanking you for
              writing about and posting photos of your Keller in the
              Keller 1A Die Filer thread I referred to in P#2.

              How would the spring-loaded mechanism interact with
              a long file? In your 2009 thread alone, Just Bob Again
              (P#5) crrmeyer (P#7) & Buickfan (P#13) all mention this
              feature on the arm is for blade use.

              What lubricant did you settle on for use in the base where
              the Scotch Yoke operates?

              What material are the arms made of? CI, die cast zinc,


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                Here is the archive of the old Keller web site.


                Too bad the photos are not archived.

                Keller new owners moved them to Alabama, but it appears they were a pretty small operation and/or doing this part time. The last I dealt with them was about 2007 and it was hard to get the die filer parts from them. I finally sent a money order instead of calling with a credit card and the parts showed up a few weeks later.

                I agree the Keller saws go too fast. That is why I sold mine. These days I would use a 1/4hp DC or 3 phase motor with the appropriate drive and make it variable speed. Of at least find a cheap 1140rpm motor and a small motor pullet off the Internet.


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                  crrmeyer, thank you for the link to the archived version of Keller's site
                  and background on the company.

                  Curiously, the page for their die filer describes specifications for a
                  model F256B, no mention of the 1A. I need to compare dimensions,
                  but the mention of variable SPM speeds suggests that there is at
                  least one difference between the F256B and the 1A.

                  Regarding lubrication for the drive mechanism in the base. I discovered
                  a manual for a model 1500-S All American Precision Bench Filing Machine
                  at J Harp's site. (The manual is also available at Vintage
         For the All American Filer, the mfr stipulates the use of
                  20W or 30W machine oil (non detergent).