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O.T. Trying to identify to replace or repair blower motor

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  • O.T. Trying to identify to replace or repair blower motor

    I am trying to fix a blower for a wood stove that rattles while in operation. The front bearing in the motor is worn and the shaft is what is rattling while in operation. It is a shaded pole motor with 1/4 dia shaft. It is 115V 60 hz and SA22L-1010 and CLHAOM is printed on the motor. I did an internet search and and cannot find any info on these numbers. Can anyone please help me identify this motor? I have heard that there are bearings available for repair. If so, any info on where to obtain them?

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    I usually go to a local motor shop, they often sell sub motors for most fan etc applications.
    Also the bearing are generally Oilite, porous bronze type, usually quite common.


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      are you sure it is the bearing and not the fan broken loose from the collar that goes on the shaft? I have had that happen. This is how I fixed one
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        I realise that you are a junior member, but is there a reason you cannot make one? After all, we generally will go out if the way to make what can be easily bought. Go figure! Bob.