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Round HSS inserts

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  • Round HSS inserts

    I just ordered an indexable lathe tool for round inserts. Idid not order inserts because I felt the price was too high.
    I will use this tool in a fly cutter. Anyone have a goodsource for round HSS inserts that willnot break the bank?

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    Looks like AR Warner will make them but does not appear to be a "standard" shape...I am not sure I like your chances.


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      Check with Arthur R. Warner Co., he is "the man" for hss inserts.



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        Thanksfolks. Sent AR Warner an inquiry.



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          I think you put the trailer before the horse here.
          Much depends on the size and insert holding style, positive or negative insert, angle on the side for positives, etc.
          Screw hold downs can be straight, countersunk or double countersunk.
          If you are going to have them made be prepared for a sticker shock.
          Unfortunately they will have to make jigs, create additional setup for grinding top and sides, etc. This is not a simple easy task.
          You may luck out but you will never know unless you ask.


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            There is on the market a "renovater's blade" for an angle grinder. I believe that it uses round inserts. I think it and the replacement inserts are sold by Lee Valley Tools. This was developed in Australia I believe, and is very popular with plumbers and electricians for chopping openings where there will probably be nails.
            Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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              Round is a poor shape for a cutting edge.
              Far too much linear contact per chip delivery and prone
              to setting up vibrations.

              Even in lathe work, a good radius is formed by a tool ground to
              a lesser radius and feathered to achieve the desired radius.