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what to do with an old?

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  • what to do with an old?

    I think I might have asked this here before but anyway.My son Alistair gave me an old deadweight LOL cast iron table saw.It has currently by good design which has allowed it to been taken to about four or five large pieces for transporting it . It is a good saw belt driven but old. I don't like the fact that the sawblade approx 12 inches cannot be positioned either up or down.This brought about by way of( I feel) a poor design I have never seen this before even on old saws. Maybe this was accpetable in former times. Although now even though I work as a hobbiest alone,I am not thrilled by this.
    I thought of redesigning it and making the top slit wider and fitting a disc so that it could be used as a disc sander even up to sixteen inch disc. Is this a good idea in your opinion? Or before I get started does anyone have a better idea for it's future use??? Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    It could be a pure rip saw. Got any pictures? A make maybe?

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      I don't know, seems like de ja vu however you spell that, router table?, liked the split leg lifting frame Steve, reminded me of a caterpillar D8 side boom pipe layer, the first tracked thing I ever drove!


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        Do you really need the saw? Do you really need to solve any of its inherint design issues? You used the word "deadweight", a term associated with useless items. Just give it away.